Monday, January 10, 2022


 unfortunately, our stuff with the movers has not. So we've been "camping" in our apartment. haha

It's great though! i'm nesting as best I can without all our stuff. lol "nesting"

I cannot thank my Father-in-law enough for his help in all this. And his wife, who has given us bedding. I am very grateful.

I just drove to the store by myself for the first time. My husband went to work for the first time today. I hope he has a good time, he was a bit nervous this morning and yesterday.

My cat was so miserable on the drive here, the medicine they gave us for her didn't work as well as I had hoped, but she wasn't that bad. Everytime I left her side to go take a bathroom break on the drive she started howling because she didn't know where I was. Poor baby.

And the first two days we were here she wouldn't leave my side. She is so attached to me and I didn't even realize how much until we moved. I am her safe place just as much as she is mine.

My husband has been amazing and I just hope this feeling will continue. I'm away from a lot of the things that give me anxiety and upset me all the time. The thing I miss most is my family and especially my Dad. My dad is my world and to not see him is really really hard on me. I've been texting him but he doesnt text much in general. I called him yesterday and we chatted. 

Oh and the very first full day we were here it snowed a TON. Dad wanted pictures of that haha

I hadn't seen real snow in over ten years. Not since 2010 when I was in Massachusetts that one winter.

Anyways, I'm gonna end this with some photos from the move and shortly after we got here. A lot of snow pics.

ok they uploaded in reverse chronological order, lol oh well

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