Sunday, June 27, 2021

it's been a hot minute

 i haven't posted in a long time

we haven't been baby sitting so its just been kinda drab here lately.

my mom had to put her dog to sleep because she was old and sick and miserable. it was just time. i know it hurt her so much so do it, it hurt dad too. but she's not hurting anymore. they buried her out here on our land

my husband and i both have doctors appointments on friday.

mine is for blood work to check for anemia and my potassium and 

i'm kind of at a loss for what so say so i guess i'll just end this post now

Sunday, June 6, 2021



it's been a while and i've been kind of down but i'm feeling better. the big new is i've started a diet plan and i really think its working for me, i've lost some weight. but the best thing is i physically feel better. which is the most important part. because i felt so ..... i can't even explain it, its a mixture of mental health and physical health... but now i have a meal plan i am sticking to and its great. i meal prep and everything.

the little one i baby sit has definitely hit her "terrible twos" because today was just..... wow. hahaha. that's all i can say. just wow.

we are just keep on keepin' on, i guess.

i have an appointment with my therapist on tuesday and i see the hematologist later this month to check my iron levels

i need to call and schedule my appointment with the psych because i think they forgot to make one for me, i'm not sure, its been complicated since we use teleheath stuff now