Saturday, January 22, 2022


 So except for the stuff that the movers wouldn't move, we have all our stuff. Now we just have to go through the boxes and try to find everything.

My Father-in-law came and installed the washer and dryer, I am so thankful he hasn't been such a huge help. And he's so nice and fun. It's been nice to be around him.

Today we went shopping and ended up spending a TON but it was on stuff we needed for Lilly, such as a new awesome litter box and a huge box of canned cat food. A cat scratch pad and cat nip. Cat litter.

It was a fur baby day.

We haven't enough space for some of the stuff we have left back home so we will probably have to get a storage unit here for it, because there's no way we cant get all out bookshelves into a two bedroom apartment. We have so much stuff. Books mostly. We love books and it's been.... hard to see the movers bring in all our stuff and know it's mostly... books. I think. I'm pretty sure.

Anyways here's some photos.

not the best photos but they were taken quickly for my friends so I didn't "stage" them

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