Saturday, January 22, 2022

self care attempts

I'm attempting to keep up a morning and evening skin care routine. And I don't know how long I will be able to stick to it but trying it out is giving me some serotonin boost so I like it so far. Self care etc. I bought oil free face cleanser... and The mourning face lotion I'm using has spf in it and is for sensitive skin... and the evening moisturizer has sacylic acid In it Because I have oily skin most of the time. I have some other cleansers for more specific needs like if I'm having a really bad acne break out, or my skin is dry and I need more moisturizing cleanser.
I also use astringent because... Again, I'm oily.
But I am taking steps to replace the natural oil I am inadvertently stripping my face of with all these products.

Also now that I'm older the cold weather is drying my skin out so bad I can't even explain it. Never experienced this before in my life. My hands are so dry because they are the main things out in the weather when it's cold. I have jackets and what nots. But no gloves.
So I'm using my hempseed oil lotion. Also dermasil. And dermasil with cocoa butter.
The HEMPZ lotion is my favorite whipped body cream.. smells like grapefruit. Goes on smooth and no oily residue.


 So except for the stuff that the movers wouldn't move, we have all our stuff. Now we just have to go through the boxes and try to find everything.

My Father-in-law came and installed the washer and dryer, I am so thankful he hasn't been such a huge help. And he's so nice and fun. It's been nice to be around him.

Today we went shopping and ended up spending a TON but it was on stuff we needed for Lilly, such as a new awesome litter box and a huge box of canned cat food. A cat scratch pad and cat nip. Cat litter.

It was a fur baby day.

We haven't enough space for some of the stuff we have left back home so we will probably have to get a storage unit here for it, because there's no way we cant get all out bookshelves into a two bedroom apartment. We have so much stuff. Books mostly. We love books and it's been.... hard to see the movers bring in all our stuff and know it's mostly... books. I think. I'm pretty sure.

Anyways here's some photos.

not the best photos but they were taken quickly for my friends so I didn't "stage" them

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

today was a big day!

I did so much big girl stuff today. I picked a new mental health clinic for myself and got an appointment. Got paperwork emailed to me.
I met a neighbor who was parking in the handicapped parking and talked to him about parking in a normal spot because it's literally right in front of our door and my husband has a handicap tag. He said there never was any body handicapped here for years so they just started parking there but he will gladly park somewhere else. In exchange I will park somewhere else because I had been parking right in front of his door where he usually park and didn't know it. Lol so we are kind of trading spaces in a way.

I went to the shopping complex where Dollar tree is and went into the pet store and looked around. Talked to the cashier. Went into game stop and asked about switch joy con fixing or buying. I went into a consignment shop and looked around just cause it was there. And then I went to dollar tree and bought some more random stuff for the apartment. Two heart shaped plastic bins from the valentine's days stuff. And a wall art thing for Valentine's day that I intend to hang on the door when I get more of those removable command hook things. I got a hand mirror so I can see the back of my hair when I do my hair.
Oh and before all this I went to dollar general and got toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, razors so I can shave (all of mine are in the moving truck)

I'm starting a diet today and I feel pretty good.
Also did some stretches. And will be looking for some kind of light work out plan. Just to get myself going. This isn't a new years resolution... It's a new apartment new life thing. My weight has gotten out of control and I am at risk for diabetes. Among other things. So this is what's best for me. I will feel better when my food scale gets here so I can weigh out my food portions instead of having prepackaged stuff most of the time. I don't even have a measuring cup, I'm just using a plain coffee cup and hoping for the best when measuring cereal or liquids.

I have a good feeling about the mental health place. They know I've been seeing someone before and already have medicines I'm on so that's makes me feel better. They have been prompt in calling me back. I haven't had to wait. And they can see me before the end of the month apparently. So this is really great.

So anyways... Yes this was copied from a Facebook update haha. Two birds one stone.

Monday, January 10, 2022


 unfortunately, our stuff with the movers has not. So we've been "camping" in our apartment. haha

It's great though! i'm nesting as best I can without all our stuff. lol "nesting"

I cannot thank my Father-in-law enough for his help in all this. And his wife, who has given us bedding. I am very grateful.

I just drove to the store by myself for the first time. My husband went to work for the first time today. I hope he has a good time, he was a bit nervous this morning and yesterday.

My cat was so miserable on the drive here, the medicine they gave us for her didn't work as well as I had hoped, but she wasn't that bad. Everytime I left her side to go take a bathroom break on the drive she started howling because she didn't know where I was. Poor baby.

And the first two days we were here she wouldn't leave my side. She is so attached to me and I didn't even realize how much until we moved. I am her safe place just as much as she is mine.

My husband has been amazing and I just hope this feeling will continue. I'm away from a lot of the things that give me anxiety and upset me all the time. The thing I miss most is my family and especially my Dad. My dad is my world and to not see him is really really hard on me. I've been texting him but he doesnt text much in general. I called him yesterday and we chatted. 

Oh and the very first full day we were here it snowed a TON. Dad wanted pictures of that haha

I hadn't seen real snow in over ten years. Not since 2010 when I was in Massachusetts that one winter.

Anyways, I'm gonna end this with some photos from the move and shortly after we got here. A lot of snow pics.

ok they uploaded in reverse chronological order, lol oh well

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Sat Jan 1, 2022 - New year, New Life

 I know a lot of people are gonna be be saying "new year new life" but we actually mean it, here with our little family of me, my husband and Miss Lilly

in two days the movers will load up what we have in the storage unit, and the day after that we will leave for our new apartment. new beginnings.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for my husband's father. on top of that, we have received help from unexpected places and that is as much a surprise as it is a blessing. and i am very grateful for any and all help. I hope to thank these people in person, as soon as I can.

We are in the deep worst and hardest part of the packing and moving right now, I am just taking a much needed moment to breathe. My anxiety has been so bad over this move I thought I was going to break in half. Especially with the bad news for my family here, I felt horrible trying to pack up because I felt like I was abandoning them. But everything has turned out ok, actually. So that is, i think, a good sign for this move to be a success.

But I just have so much anxiety about every little thing and I don't know how to deal with it... I just snap and come off as a bitch. That's what happens, and I can't stop it as hard as I try.

So there's that. Which is horrible. For everyone around me.

We have a medication to give Miss Lilly so she will be sedated for the drive up. not completely out but very very sleepy. So that is handled. We have a temporary litter box and little and food to take with us up there so we can get her situated as fast as possible, and then let her take her time to come around. whatever she needs.

I've tried to think ahead for as much as I can but I'm still falling short, I know.

even the morning we leave i will probably feel like we are forgetting something or something isn't right, and i'll just have to live with that feeling because well, there's no turning back. haha

anyway i am done for now.

also, RIP Betty White. She was my favorite Golden Girl. and everything she did for humanity was just... she is GOALS.