Monday, January 16, 2023

first book of 2023

Almost done with my first book of 2023. Have a lot of quotes to type up and add to my collection. Might not keep all of these but probably most of them.

I don't usually buy hardback books because I want to highlight my quotes and feel bad doing it in hardback books. But this was a special book. So I'm page marking, typing, then removing the markers. Might eventually buy a paperback and re read and mark up.

I have mixed feelings about marking up books but for me the books I read are usually study material for my existence. Like a textbook I buy but intend to keep and restudy. I collect books but it's for my personal weird pleasure. Not to show off to anyone.

However! I have bought quite a bit of quick easy paper back reads when I was on a reading binge but wasn't particular about what I read. Those I don't intend to keep. Usually don't mark up.

I guess If you're a bookworm you understand the levels and tiers of book reading and collecting and use and wants and needs lol

Everybody has their own thing they do

Unfortunately most of my books are unusable to anyone after I've had them. And I do feel bad about that in the long run because I know these books will greatly out live me. But the ones I mark up I feel like I have a relationship with.

However there are books I've read and re read many many times and are very much a park of my psyche (Orson Scott card stuff) and I have not marked up those because they are my dad's! I think I might have done one book a little and stopped because it felt down right sinful.

Idk if I will buy the cheap paper backs of those and mark them but I think I do want to read the ender's game and enders shadow stuff again. It's been so very long since I've read it. Highschool. Like a long long long time ago. before Orson Scott card got a movie deal finally done. (I was on a fan website and very much on top of knowledge on that getting done finally) 

Anyway really long post. This was originally a Facebook update.😂 idk why I blog anymore it just feels good. I usually get out the computer and physically type it which is great exercise to keep up.

That's another good reason to type out all these quotes. It's always gonna be good to be able to old school type.
And hand write stuff. Which I also do but my handwriting has gotten so very bad. I honestly need to probably do work on that too. Just to keep up ability.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

happy new year! wednesday jan 4, 2023

 happy new year.

we are home and i have some personal new years goals. and some for me and my husband as a couple-- such as spending more time with his family.

i'm getting my clarinet fixed and i am going to join a community band. i missed sign up for the first spring concert but i should get my clarinet in time to do the second one if they take sign ups between concerts and not just at the start of semesters.

i am waiting until january 6th to take down my christmas decorations. i have bought a huge storage tub that i hope will hold the wreath and lights and ornaments an book shelf decorations. im throwing out the tinsel garland because its so cheap. i might store some of the gift bags and tissues paper in that same tub if i can manage it to keep it all together.

i have bought two out door decorations for valentines day but thats all for now.

i wanna decorate the top of the bookcase for every holiday and just the door and window outside for the holidays. christmas is the most extensive holiday i plan to do. also halloween. lol

stan got me a new book that i really wanted and i've started reading it. i dont wanna read it to fast because then it will be over.

i'm back on my "diet" i didn't gain much weight on the trip thankfully. but now that its over i seem to be stuck at this weight and im getting pretty upset. i will try lots of detox tea and do my daily miralax and stay on my meal plan but if it doesn't work i will have to change up something. either eat even less or fast or exercise a lot. i dont know yet

I saw my father in law and his wife. also my mother in law. both visits we were good and the visit with my MIL was so very just... down to earth and nice and a good time. i was in a good place mentally and it was so nice to share that part of myself with her because she doesn't get to see it that often.

my cat has been in love with my since we got back but we had a visitor monday and she brought her dog and that made her a bit unhappy in general. just more proof that we cant get another animal until she passes. and i feel bad because my husband wants a dog so very badly and i feel like its my fault he can't have one and it kind of is.

my dad has been sick since christmas and went back to the doctor a second time and tested positive for covid so i am keeping an eye on him. i told him he can't be trying to stick it out when he's stick anymore he needs to take is seriously if he doesn't get well and things last on after the initial meds from the doctor run out. i've told my mom the same thing. they have always put off going to the doctor and they just can't do that anymore. especially since i am not there. i can't handle it.