Friday, April 30, 2021

April 30, 2021

 I haven't updated in a long time. The internet was out for almost TWO WEEKS. can you imagine??? thank god we have and endless supply for DVDs to watch. We got out all the kid safe ones for the little one because she loves her tv shows

The little one I babysit is getting into her "Terrible Twos" and she is increasingly more frustrating but also more adorable. She likes me more now than she had for the past half a year or so. She hugs and kisses me and sits with me and we watch movies and i feed her snacks and i introduced her to coloring yesterday!!!

She is still trying to figure out what hand she wants to use, but she seems to use both equally right now. So maybe she will be a true ambidextrious person... though i know when they send kids to school they try to force kids to be right handed. which is very sad, imo

Right now my husband and I are looking at possible living arrangement changes. I would talk more about it but i need to make sure he's ok with me talking about it.

My dad has been building a new back porch for months and he's finally almost in the last stage-- the roof.

I just got my second Pfizer vaccination shot for COVID-19 yesterday so I'm feeling a bit down.

I actually dont have much time right now, but I plan to update more now that we have internet back.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021

 I have today off from watching the little one so I thought I'd update. 

I have gotten the first round of the vaccine for covid-19. I will get the second in a week.

After that, we plan to visit my husband's mother. which will be very nice and exciting. It will be nice to get away and I love seeing her.

my mother's dog is close to passing away, and its hard on her. a big decision to make, to put a dog down.

Friday, April 2, 2021

April 2, 2021


it's my birthday month  

My husband got his second dose of the covid-19 vaccine.

I'm signed up to get my first shot on april 9th.

my husband is off work today and its nice to have it quiet and just us. we did our pizza friday at lunch and watched falcon and the winter soldier.

Tomorrow we are going on our usual grocery shopping trip. We might swing by another store to see if I can find some shorts that I like that fit well, since i've gained so much weight.

the little one we baby sit is starting to eat scrambled eggs and pb&j sandwiches on the regular, but what she loves the most is fruit. so we are going to buy little cups of mandarin oranges and mixed fruit for her to eat along with whatever else was are trying to get her to eat.

there are still some possible changes coming but its just... not high priority, what with all that's going on.

our pizza friday was DELICIOUSSSS

but on some real talk--- We had some trouble with my paypal card not being accepted at gas stations--- even if i paid inside.... and i had just used it in a store five minutes before..... so... we had a crazy day of me driving home not sure if i would have enough gas to make it because my card got denied at three gas stations, but worked everywhere else??? yeah.... its very strange and made me go ballistic... but my husband has been great through all of this, he is a wonderful man. we are just gonna figure out another way to get my car gassed up. 

I love my husband and his mom... AHH HIS MOM

she sent me the most amazing surprise birthday package so i have so much cool high end make up because she subscribed to Ipsy and just saved it and sent it to me... AHHHH so i got like four at once when i got her package. plus other stuff she sent. it was so overwhelming i felt so loved.