Sunday, May 19, 2024

its been a while

A lot has happened. I have stopped going to band because i never know when my teeth are going to hurt. So i have borrowed a keyboard from my friend and i am waiting to get the piano books so i can play again. So i have Nothing to do. Which is bad for me. 
I recently was in the hospital for a day with vomiting blood and that seems to be sorted as much as it can be without racking up another huge medical bill. 

Yesterday we went to see my husband's mom and family to celebrate a kate mother's day and memorial day and his birthday all at once. It was a pretty good time. We also saw his cousin and his now wife. We adore them both and are excited they finally decided to get married. 

Bridgerton just happened and there are more episodes coming in a month or two and i am so very excited. 

I have been "taking it easy" and letting my body heal from profusely vomiting multiple times. And the blood vomit. 
I know i should update this more but i think i am gonna make this url into a social media link tree kind of thing. 
Another project for another day i suppose.