Saturday, January 22, 2022

self care attempts

I'm attempting to keep up a morning and evening skin care routine. And I don't know how long I will be able to stick to it but trying it out is giving me some serotonin boost so I like it so far. Self care etc. I bought oil free face cleanser... and The mourning face lotion I'm using has spf in it and is for sensitive skin... and the evening moisturizer has sacylic acid In it Because I have oily skin most of the time. I have some other cleansers for more specific needs like if I'm having a really bad acne break out, or my skin is dry and I need more moisturizing cleanser.
I also use astringent because... Again, I'm oily.
But I am taking steps to replace the natural oil I am inadvertently stripping my face of with all these products.

Also now that I'm older the cold weather is drying my skin out so bad I can't even explain it. Never experienced this before in my life. My hands are so dry because they are the main things out in the weather when it's cold. I have jackets and what nots. But no gloves.
So I'm using my hempseed oil lotion. Also dermasil. And dermasil with cocoa butter.
The HEMPZ lotion is my favorite whipped body cream.. smells like grapefruit. Goes on smooth and no oily residue.

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