Saturday, January 1, 2022

Sat Jan 1, 2022 - New year, New Life

 I know a lot of people are gonna be be saying "new year new life" but we actually mean it, here with our little family of me, my husband and Miss Lilly

in two days the movers will load up what we have in the storage unit, and the day after that we will leave for our new apartment. new beginnings.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for my husband's father. on top of that, we have received help from unexpected places and that is as much a surprise as it is a blessing. and i am very grateful for any and all help. I hope to thank these people in person, as soon as I can.

We are in the deep worst and hardest part of the packing and moving right now, I am just taking a much needed moment to breathe. My anxiety has been so bad over this move I thought I was going to break in half. Especially with the bad news for my family here, I felt horrible trying to pack up because I felt like I was abandoning them. But everything has turned out ok, actually. So that is, i think, a good sign for this move to be a success.

But I just have so much anxiety about every little thing and I don't know how to deal with it... I just snap and come off as a bitch. That's what happens, and I can't stop it as hard as I try.

So there's that. Which is horrible. For everyone around me.

We have a medication to give Miss Lilly so she will be sedated for the drive up. not completely out but very very sleepy. So that is handled. We have a temporary litter box and little and food to take with us up there so we can get her situated as fast as possible, and then let her take her time to come around. whatever she needs.

I've tried to think ahead for as much as I can but I'm still falling short, I know.

even the morning we leave i will probably feel like we are forgetting something or something isn't right, and i'll just have to live with that feeling because well, there's no turning back. haha

anyway i am done for now.

also, RIP Betty White. She was my favorite Golden Girl. and everything she did for humanity was just... she is GOALS.

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