Friday, July 16, 2021

it's been another hot minute

 so.... I had about two weeks off from baby sitting.


with nothing to do I had to squirrel around and find stuff to do... I started coloring and made some jewelry. did a lot of gaming.

basically I need that little munchkin as much as it makes me anxious.

so when she came back... oooooooh my

she is taller! and knows more words and sentences. she is more friendly.

she's been a delight this week

I did take a day off to see if i could get myself together-- I slept a whole day. I think it helped because after that I seem ok.

I am excited about the little one. she is growing and learning. she is so adorable. I would post pictures but she isn't my kid and it's not my right to. her nickname is Sky. so when i talk about Sky that's who... the little one.