Wednesday, August 23, 2023

its been wayyyy too long!

 So life has been trudging along. i'm still struggling with diabetes. can't get my blood sugar stable right now. i thought it was good and then i dont know what happened but i've been struggling for about two weeks now.

tomorrow my husband and i are going to my father in law's house to stay over night and leaving from there to go back home to get the rest of our stuff from alabama. we are going on a very fast trip. not time to visit anyone. just seeing my parents and my brother basically.

i am anxious as hell about this trip but feel better because my father in law is driving us down there and will be a huge help. 

i haven't seen my parents since december so that will be nice

i have to do some serious work in therapy soon and i am no gonna be ready with it by my next therapy session and i have to email my therapist and tell her it will have to wait until another time. but i can definitely use the next session to unload all the details of the trip to alabama because i am sure there will be a lot of feelings about it.

getting my stuff and moving all of it here seems so final. and i hate it. i have family land i am inheriting in alabama and i have to go back there for that. i will not die without living on that land again. i will be there again. i feel like scarlett in gone with the wind about tara. its part of me.

my husband and i are toying with getting a dog but arent sure we will because of other plans. its too private and complicated to talk about so i wont even try.