Tuesday, January 11, 2022

today was a big day!

I did so much big girl stuff today. I picked a new mental health clinic for myself and got an appointment. Got paperwork emailed to me.
I met a neighbor who was parking in the handicapped parking and talked to him about parking in a normal spot because it's literally right in front of our door and my husband has a handicap tag. He said there never was any body handicapped here for years so they just started parking there but he will gladly park somewhere else. In exchange I will park somewhere else because I had been parking right in front of his door where he usually park and didn't know it. Lol so we are kind of trading spaces in a way.

I went to the shopping complex where Dollar tree is and went into the pet store and looked around. Talked to the cashier. Went into game stop and asked about switch joy con fixing or buying. I went into a consignment shop and looked around just cause it was there. And then I went to dollar tree and bought some more random stuff for the apartment. Two heart shaped plastic bins from the valentine's days stuff. And a wall art thing for Valentine's day that I intend to hang on the door when I get more of those removable command hook things. I got a hand mirror so I can see the back of my hair when I do my hair.
Oh and before all this I went to dollar general and got toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, razors so I can shave (all of mine are in the moving truck)

I'm starting a diet today and I feel pretty good.
Also did some stretches. And will be looking for some kind of light work out plan. Just to get myself going. This isn't a new years resolution... It's a new apartment new life thing. My weight has gotten out of control and I am at risk for diabetes. Among other things. So this is what's best for me. I will feel better when my food scale gets here so I can weigh out my food portions instead of having prepackaged stuff most of the time. I don't even have a measuring cup, I'm just using a plain coffee cup and hoping for the best when measuring cereal or liquids.

I have a good feeling about the mental health place. They know I've been seeing someone before and already have medicines I'm on so that's makes me feel better. They have been prompt in calling me back. I haven't had to wait. And they can see me before the end of the month apparently. So this is really great.

So anyways... Yes this was copied from a Facebook update haha. Two birds one stone.

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