Sunday, December 8, 2019

therapy books--- REBT therapy

The therapist I saw before my current one was a very old, kind man. I liked him very much. Spending time with him was like spending time with my grandfather, he was funny and witty and kind.... but... I couldn't open up to him about the more feminine things that I needed to talk about.

However, he did help me in another area of the mental therapy of my mind--- how we think. one thing that stands out is that he gave me a word for my illogical crap I tell myself and it has stuck with me: "COGNITIVE GARBAGE"

What we worked on was Dialectical behavior therapy, and I admit that at the time I don't think I was ready to commit to a method of therapy other than talk therapy. But with what's been going on lately. I think I am definitely ready to revisit the book he asked me to read-- I have been reading a lot of books lately, some that are helpful and are meant to go along with therapy.

And some other books I'm reading are autobiographies or just .... well, anything really. But I like I read books about mental illness in general. so I can learn about things and understand others better. but this book "A Guide to Rational Living" was written quite a while a ago, you'll notice they use terms and words that we don't use these days.
Here is a quote from the book, that pretty well sums up the idea of this kind of therapy.

"...unlike other animals, humans tell themselves various sane and crazy things. Their beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and philosophies often take the form of internalized sentences or self-talk. Consequently, they can change their self-defeating emotions and behaviors, by their clearly seeing, disputing, and acting against their internal philosophies."

and so this book that I read for therapy, goes on to give examples of people in situations and how they implement this rational thinking into their lives, and other helpful things for this kind of issue.
I had not thought it would be something that I'd need much, and I have not seen this therapist for a while.
He was very old and in bad health and needed to retire, or I would have continued seeing him.

I have been very happy with my new, most recent therapist... she mentioned something that made me think of this book in my last session and now I have been going through my books and seeing if i can find things to read to help me.

it's the holidays and therapist have lives just like us, ya know??? so we cant see them weekly like we would if we could, and yeah, so they wanna be off work and do their own thing with their family.... so I have to find something to help myself in the mean time, I guess. Haha. Book Therapy!!!

Anyways, I've had so much bad stuff the past few months.... and I think this book might actually help right now... I think it will actually make sense this time, or take root in my mind, I guess you could say. I really hope it does, because I'm gonna give it a try. This is my "December self help" book.

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