Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday. December 7, 2019.

Hello world! Today was a pretty lazy Saturday. We slept in late and I eventually decided to go to the store, but while I was driving I got kinda down and sad so... I just stopped at a little dollar store and got some stuff and came home.
My original intention was to drive all the way into town and buy my husband his Christmas gift. But I just didn't wanna drive that far today ( we live 30-40 minutes from town) and It just seemed too much for me mentally today, because I had also planned on cooking lunch for my husband (which is something I don't get to do that often given our living arrangement).
I also wanted to bake a pie, but I think I will do that tomorrow.

So today we watching 'Peter pan' on Disney+ ... And my husband are his meal that I cooked. And we watched the newest episode of the 'Mandalorian' and just feel falling in love with little baby Yoda. 

I started the laundry that we usually do on Sunday so we are a little ahead on the weekend chores.

I looked over my planners to make sure I have all my dates and appointments written down, so I don't miss or forget anything. I love decorating my planner.
its nothing extravagant but it makes me happy. It's like a scrapbook projects that I do as life is going, pretty much.

I have tried to add some holiday cheer to our house, we haven't been very big on decorating in a really long time, but this year I really need the cheer to balance out the depression so I am decorating. It might look a little pathetic but it's just me making due with what decorations we already have here in storage and lying around.
🎄 Our little tiny Christmas tree has flashing fiber optic stuff and I can't get a good photo because it's always changing clolors.

So... There isn't much going on this next week at all. No appointments or anything.
I might get the time to do the Christmas cards... There's still time, right? Haha.

We have the family Christmas gathering on the 21st of December. And the usual Christmas here ....
And as I've mentioned the little mini vacation my husband and I are planning on taking in the beginning of January.
And the week after that I have I have my next appointment with my therapist and psychiatrist on January 7th, 2020.

After that we will be going to Kentucky to see my husband's family. For Christmas... Late Christmas, but Christmas isn't about a day. It's about who you're with and being happy.

In early 2020 I hope my husband and I will attend Kami-Con but we aren't sure about it every year... because its in birmingham, and hotels and i dont know if i want to Cosplay, but I would be cool if I could. But I know I don't have to. The shops and seeing other people are the best part of it anyway.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening~! Here's a little gif  of a christmas candle. one thing you will find out about me if I love little pixel gifs and stuff. they make me super happy!! I have been collecting them for so long I have so many stored away for any thing I might ever need. haha. Ok, I'm a dork. Sorry.

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