Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Eve Eve? lol

I remember when I first heard the term "christmas eve eve"-- I was sitting at the salon my mom was working at while she was working and another lady said it, and it blew my mind.
LIKE OH, what have we here. ANOTHER CHRISTMAS EVE.

haha, anyways.

I baked last friday, and I have decided that the "cream cheese" icing they sell in the store is not proper for red velvet cake, AT ALL. It just doesn't taste right.

The christmas gathering saturday was good fun, but I got burnt out really quick and I asked to go home early. I did see and talk to all my favorite people, and I traded pokemon with my cousin-in-law. the food was good and my cousin makes the best stuff.

we have visitors at the house, and that includes the baby we have been baby sitting is here, so that is exciting.

Yesterday, sunday-- I was just a sleepy head mess. I know I checked out early on the christmas gathering, so I shouldn't have been so tired. But I was. It seems as if the YAY feeling I was having has subsided and that makes me sad because I was hoping my new medication for Bipolar was the cause of my yay feelings. But I guess not. I'm back to where I was or even worse, when it comes to tired and lethargic feelings.

My husband is going to stop by the store after work and get my supplies to bake my christmas cookies.
I used the Funfetti Cake Mix to make delicious cookies. Vanilla icing, food coloring, and hopefully christmas sprinkles but they aren't necessary. Any sprinkles will do. Or even no sprinkles.

So tomorrow I am baking!! again!

And then it's christmas. I think I know one of my gifts because its been a tradition for my husband to get me a nice fleece blanket for christmas every year. It just one of those things I will never get tired of getting, I love them so. I got him something that he's mentioned he wanted and I know as soon as he sees it he will be like "OH YEAH, of course." because its the only thing he has really talked about wanting.

But all in all, I am FORCING my christmas feelings this year. I am just not feeling anything at all much.
Save for Sarcastic remarks about any and everything. That's about all I'm good for haha.

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