Monday, December 9, 2019

Planner Girl -- 2020!

So there comes a time every year that us planner enthusiast get really excited and it's right about that time! (if you do planners by year, and not school year that starts in September, I mean)

I like having planners because of anxiety and bad memory problems. I can't remember anything,
and I get bad anxiety about knowing when things are going to happen. and planning what will happen. and things happening on time, so having a planner is very very comforting to me. and it gives me something to do that is creative and artsy. 
It works almost like a scrapbook for me, but its an everyday detailed scrapbook. So maybe when I'm old I can look back and say "oh so thats what I did on the holiday that year and who i was with" and what not. Since, as Ive already said, my memory is kind of.... not very there. haha. 

Anyways, ON TO THE PLANNER!!!!

So this year I wanted a planner that was very.... well, blank. But pretty. And lots of space for stickers and washi tape. And I was pretty sure I was going to end up buy another "see it bigger" PlanAhead Planner .
However, I found something a bit more appealing to the eye, while still being open and blank enough to meet my blank slate planner decorating needs.
This is the Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly planner. It has the months of Oct-Dec 2019 in month layout, and it starts like normal in Jan 2020.

The month and weekly pages are very open wth lots of room for decoration, but not completely bare of some sort of decoration, there are little bunches of flowers at the top where the binder coil comes together.

so you can see its quite lovely, and if you wanted you could use washi tape and or stickers to cover up the flowers at the top and make a themed weekly layout of your own choosing.

so this is going to be a little daily on going journal scrapbook project for 2020, and I am so excited! I have gotten thin washi tape and stickers to decorate my planner and I am very excited to start the year 2020!!!


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