Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday morning thoughts

This afternoon is my band concert y'all please keep me in your thoughts. I am comfortable with the people I'm with but at a new venue and new things and I am really anxious. Also about playing because they stream the concert and record it. Ughhh. Pressure is so high. Also I am wearing dress black for the concert and it's all new clothes and shoes. Which I am always uncomfortable about. I'm about to get a shower and start laundry because I need to do it early in the day.

Also this evening I am supposed to catch the neighborhood cat me and my neighbor have been feeding because she got him a vet appt for Monday morning and it's to get him fixed and he can't eat the night before and the only way to make sure is to catch him Sunday night and he usually visits me every evening. But he didn't this morning unless I  slept through it so I will let her know he was missing this morning. We have made friends over helping this little man get some good loving care. He seems to be doing well as a stay outdoor cat. He's not even really a stray we know he has many people feeding him and some people have outdoor beds set out so I know he is sleeping somewhere on someone's porch. He's our neighborhood Tom cat. 😺 He makes the rounds. He does sit outside her door and look in at her cats too. I know he would like a home to go into for a bit each day maybe at night but he does seem very happy being able to roam. And I'd hate to take that away from a free spirited being.

Speaking of that my baby Aiden Hyde back in Alabama is going outside for a few hours a day and absolutely loves I'm he is THRIVING. I miss him but I am so happy he is doing so very well in my absence. He has taken up with my dad very much and sits with him all evening in the living room and now he even sleeps in bed with my parents most nights. He never did that before so I am glad he is being loved so very much. I was afraid he wouldn't be but it makes my heart sing to hear how good he is doing. I raised him from a kitten he must have been maybe five weeks old he was so tiny and alone he was found randomly outside our house in Alabama in 2007 or 2008 I can't remember and he was the one thing after I left college early that kept me going for so very long. Which is why it was so hard to leave him. But I had been away from him for periods of time over the years so I knew he could handle it.

Anyway. Today is a big day for me so please say a little prayer. Concert isn't at 3pm EST for y'all in Alabama who wanna get your prayers in on time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol there IS A deadline. Lolol jk 

I love everyone thank you for coming to my Sunday morning tab talk

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