Sunday, April 9, 2023

more diag-non sense

so i went to the doctor to get a check up on my iron levels, just had bloodwork done and my glucose was high so my doctor decided to check my A1C. My A1C is 9.5 so I am type 2 diabetic.
I feel really overwhelmed. because i had just lost 35 lbs last fall and i know i’m still overweight but i am angry as fuck
Because I have to work even harder. And lose more and yeah i know i am fat in the present but i was somewhat happy.

I got a glucose meter and my blood sugar is off the charts high. Even fasting in the morning it’s high.

I’m taking metformin and it's not really in my system and I can't remember if he said to double the dose after a week– I think he did but its not written anywhere and I can't remember. I will call on monday when the office is open
The other medicine is very expensive and my insurance wants us to get a “Prior Authorization” which is apparently hard
We need to call the insurance and ask what they will cover in the same family as ozempic and try that but the pharmacist said the alternatives are expensive too. So idk what is gonna happen

The metformin isn't in my system good yet. So my blood sugar is high,

But my blood sugar did crash in Walmart yesterday. So i don't know what is going on..just have to wait and see what happens with the metformin for now

I had to sit down and fortunately had bought something I could eat before I tried to get up and go to my car and drive.

I ordered a medical bracelet that says type 2 diabetes. Because I have had issues with this before now. Random blood sugar crashes. But i wasn’t diagnosed so idk. I am going to keep glucose tablets in my purse I guess.

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