Saturday, December 24, 2022

Some photos from the trip. Alabama Christmas 2022

This is my cousin (sister) who I can talk to about anything. ANYTHING. she is my person. Ride or die. Cradle to grave. ❤️

This photo is so very precious to me. This is my and Sky, the little girl I baby sat last year. I hadn't seen her in a year. She barely remembered me but she has such a big heart I was no stranger to her at all. I helped her eat her lunch at the restaurant and we talked about stuff. She asked me questions and I answered her. And she'd repeat it back to show she got it right and it was so cute. This photo was taken in the living room of our friends house (their newest baby sitting on the floor playing) I was showing sky the books my MIL bought for her (because she knew how much sky meant to me) and I showed sky the books and she...
 She has caught up so well with her learning. She was telling ME what was happening in the pictures in the book. In very excited ways that just made my heart sing. She is starting to grasp words as in reading but I don't think they've made it there quite yet. But she has a vocabulary and can talk and tell you things she is thinking and she asks so many questions... It's so precious. I just... I am almost crying typing this thinking about how much she grew in a year and how amazing it was to see her thriving.

me on the last day of the trip... At IHOP for my "last meal" as I have come to call it. 

We have trouble getting photos of Scarlett, she is mom and dads special needs deaf dog. She is just a quirky and adorable as ever. Always getting in to things she shouldn't be... Typical rascal dog behavior lol

Marleigh! My husband was most excited to see this big floof. She is so sweet and has these sad eyes that you can't say no to.

Aiden Hyde .... He is doing so much better than I thought he would after we left. He's actually changed a lot in good ways. Maybe my little miss Lilly was intimidating him too much to let his inner personality show but dad and mom adore him now.

I post this solely because you can see my dad in his natural habitat. Cowboy boots and all 😂🥰

dad (behind the walker) and family

The hand crafted one of a kind lamp my dad made for my husband from a bourbon bottle. My dad is awesome not gonna lie. Better pics will be posted elsewhere.

Me in the elevator of the hotel we stayed in. If I look closely at this picture I THKNK I can see two gray hairs!!! Lolol that would catch me up with my two cousins (three of us bor that one year. Both of them have tons of gray hair already and I'm just over here like 🤷🤷🤷Idk y'all?)

Me in the hotel room mirror. Idk why but hotel mirror pics will always be a thing for me

this is a out HALF of what we packed for the trip lol. Not counting gifts and Stan's suitcase and some bags of assorted things.

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