Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Alabama Christmas vacation part one

Alabama Christmas 2022
Monday night
Ok I planned on making more mini updates on my phone and clumping them together and making a big update after we got back from Alabama. But I didn't write anything for Saturday or Sunday… so I will do that now.

Saturday was the drive down and it was pretty good. We went a different way then we'll usually go and it took us through the very top edge of Georgia. The drive was so much easier that I think I will be able to drive myself back home to visit my family. So basically just don't drive through Nashville y'all. Just don't do it. Lol. 
Sunday was the Reynolds tribe family Christmas and it was pretty much the same. Lots of chaos and people and food and jokes and people drinking beer on the not so down low. 
I got to see my cousin who is basically my sister and I needed that so badly. I didn't spend as much time with her as I could have but! I am seeing her on Tuesday. So she gets a special visit from me.
I saw my aunts and uncles and cousins and second cousins. And it's just a LOT OF PEOPLE.

I kind of kept to myself at the gathering and I think it was because I was subconsciously trying to protect myself from the anxiety I'd have if I just threw myself into the center of the attention and chaos. Like I had a self preservation type thing. Which is good. It's like my brain is setting boundaries for my own safety? And I didn't feel pressed to interact more … maybe because I have work on therapy stuff or my anxiety medication helped me calm down. So I could just sit and take it in and not be… idk.

I feel like I kind of half assed my family Christmas. Like I didn't talk to anyone as much as I wanted to? I should have talked to people more?  But they didn't make a huge effort to talk to me either. And they know I have anxiety so maybe it was them try to be nice to me but I actually wanted to interact more and didn't have the capacity to tell them. I was just… there.

Now it's Monday night.
I slept in late this morning and I am mad about it because I didn't mean to and that kinda set the tone for the whole day.
But anyway… we got dressed and got good went to the grocery store for stuff to cook at mom and dads. Because I wanted to have a home cooked meal ready for them when they got home from work. Because mom doesn't do that anymore she is working herself. 
So we did the shopping. Went by the storage unit to measure the desk and book shelves and some stuff because we need to move it all up to Kentucky this coming year. Sooner rather than later. We are going to have to get another storage unit in KY because we have too much stuff for our apartment. Especially if we wanted to make the second bedroom livable. Right now it is basically a storage closet.

Ah anyway we get to my parents house and we see the dogs and my husband just… goes nuts with happiness. He loves dogs and loves marleigh so much (she's my parents husky mix) and there were lots of cuddles and pets and scratches given to the marleigh. We also got to see Scarlett.. she is deaf. Special needs dog and she is just as quirky and random as ever.
I got to see my oldest cat Aiden Hyde… he is a senior kitty. He's 15 years old.

My Miss Lilly is 10 years old.


We chilled and played with the doggos until it was time to start cooking dinner. 
My husband is so so so very good at what he does. He fried chicken and it was so good!
It was nice to be able to dry food and the smoke alarm not go off every five mins like it does at our apartment lol
We had dinner done for mom and dad (more or less) and mom got home before dad so she helped us fix a little extra food for my brother's girlfriends son. It was pretty complicated so MANY things being cooked in the kitchen at the same time. But we managed it.
My husband was a saint about this dinner with my parents brother. I am Grateful he was willing to cook for them. I know how hard it is sometimes. And I appreciate it very much. It meant a lot.

We did our gift exchange.
Mom and dad got their his and her blankets cause they talked about not having blankets to cuddle up on the recliners in the living room. Mom and dad got me some AMAZING journals and notebooks and stuff and I am so excited to use them. I want to use them for something special. I think I might start up a dream journal. Just write down my dreams every morning.
My dad made my husband the most amazing unique hand crafted lamp… out of a bourbon bottle. I will have to attach pictures of it to this blog post. later

Unfortunately we are being up more stuff that we left down here because mom is pushy about getting the house cleaned out. So we are working on getting a new storage unit in KY and having one here to put the stuff from the second bedroom and the Alabama unit.. and then We can actually decorate and use the second bedroom instead of it just being full of boxes. Which would make it so much easier to have friends come over and stay the night. Or anything really.

Today is now Tuesday December 20, 2022
And we are laying around until my husband has to do fucking WORK ON HIS VACATION. BECAUSE THE RADIO STATION IS INCOMPETENT AND ITS GONNA CHANGE. SYARTED IN JANUARY. NEW NYEAR NEW RULES. That's the plan anyway.

After he does his work in Alabama on the road on vacation in a hotel we will be going to see my cousin which is probly the best part of the trip ngl.
I'm gonna post this. I'm surprised I even got one half of the blogging done already. I have a lot more to say obvioisly but this is a good start.

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