Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tuesday March 2, 2021

 So we are just moving along basically, i'm baby sitting and gaming and everything is mostly ok.

My husband has seen how down i am lately and has made a huge effort to help out with house work and i am so very thankful. I dont deserve him, i really dont. he has been just amazing this week and here lately and i am reminded how very lucky i am.

the little girl i baby sit is going through a phase of... not wanting to eat things, only eating one thing. and it's so frustrating! If it wasn't for my sister in law helping me i dont know what i'd do

February seemed to fly by, the weather is up and down. it was 80 something the other day and now its in the 50s again. typical alabama weather i guess.

i'm cooking dinner and i need to go so, that's all for now.

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