Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday March 16, 2021

 We have made some headway with the little one we babysit! we have gotten her to eat more foods this past day or two. it feels like a HUGE victory. we are very relieved. putting her to bed hungry makes us feel very bad, but when she wouldn't eat what else could we do? we did make sure she got all the milk she wanted at least.

Neither me nor the person helping me watch her have had children so we are just doing what we hear or are told to do. We have most recently employed the use of a high chair. And have been able to get the little one to eat Chicken flavored rice, and mac and cheese. We need to find some meat so she gets protein. That will be the next goal. She is very hard to convince to try new food so it's been difficult. She also doesn't like getting her hands dirty and is not good enough to use her little plastic forks and spoons yet-- she can use the fork sometimes on ravioli or some such things. but the spoon is another thing entirely. she doesn't understand that it will spill. She also doesn't really understand that stuff can fall off the fork. We are doing our best.

So the spring severe weather season is upon us-- and tomorrow might be the first tornado out break of the year. It's looking very promising. I love storm-- I hate that people get hurt in them, but I love meteorology.

So I have been fangirling over a few things-- Marvel Movies--- specifically anything with Wanda (scarlet witch) also Bridgerton (there is a second season in the works!)

Bridgerton has me reading stuff like Pride and Prejudice.

anyway we are preparing for tomorrow and i am catching up on some chores, since the little one is being watched by someone else today and tonight. ( sometimes we get a day off, which is much needed, haha)

Hmmm... we have had some unwanted people in our field out here by the house and we are trying to get in under control, we have asked for advice from a very wise person and i hope we can put it to good use. These people are dumping rubbish and garbage and hanging out in our field and we need to get them to stop. We suspect they live near by and might be doing other illegal things, so maybe we can get something done about it.

That's all for now.

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