Saturday, January 4, 2020

Jan 4, 2020 --Saturday

We are home!
We went to the Pearl River Resort with my mom and dad and I THINK if it wasn't raining and we didnt go to the casino to gamble, we'd have had a really good time. The room was nice and comfy, except for there was no minifridge or microwave. which would have been really nice.

But the other nice stuff in the room made up for it

I'll be honest though I mostly slept the whole time. haha
The huge dinner friday night was delicious and I should have eaten more but I was so bloated and gross feeling I just couldn't eat that much. I ate a lot of potatoes and mac and cheese and baked fish and shrimp.
The drive over there was horrible. So rainy, like... just the worst kind of rain. Dreary and gross.

When we got home the cat collars I ordered from Wish were here and my cat has a beautiful collar now.

And I have some cool washi tape for my planner.

I mended one of my husband's work shirts when we got back, I'm doing a lot of sewing lately. it's nice. makes me feel housewife good.

Anyways, this next week I have an appointment with my Psychiatrist and Therapist. I haven't seen my therapist in a month! It's been so hard.  I have so much to say that I dont even know what to tell her, I'm going to have to start writing stuff down so I can remember what to tell her or I will just go in there and run my mouth and not talk about the things that actually matter. she lets me talk as much as i want but it seems to be getting in the way of my actual progress lately.

Here's some photos from our trip and today.

we went to the Philadelphia House of Pancakes. was good.

house of pancakes

po ta toes and skrimps. and maccychese. this is from the big dinner we did friday night

"that's no moon.... it's a space station"

and these are some photos from my wish order
a cat collar for my princess

super thin washi tape!

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