Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Jan 22, 2020

So, some stuff has happened and I'm thinking its best to update before we go on vacation.

I started a new medicine and now I can't get it because of insurance.
On top of that I had to miss my appointment with my doctor for refills because I had some kind of stomach bug or flu. All I know is I was violently sick for about 24 hours. I'm am starting to think it was the new antacid my husband got me, a generic of something I'd never tried. Or hadn't in a while. It might have just been a bad bottle. Either way I dont wanna ever try it again. I felt like I was dying. I'm pretty sure I ran a fever. Which is why I think it might have been a stomach flu instead?

My doctor did call in a small refill of my meds so I should have enough to last through our trip to ky.
All I need is caffeine pills now, which I forgot to get at the store.

I am packing as best I can, Its going to be cold on our trip and and all my winter clothes are bulky and will barely fit in my suitcase.

The trump impeachment stuff has my husband working odd hours and super late and its upsetting in one way but also I get to see him more in the morning.

I've been lax on my obsession with making lists for packing... I'm just throwing stuff in a suitcase and hoping I get everything.

I do know I wanna take books to try and detox from some gaming I've been doing lately. I haven't been like, gaming constantly but enough to keep me from reading which is bad since I set a reading goal with this year.

Right now I'm watching Harry Potter from the beginning, taking a wee break from StarWars. Haha, I was on a StarWars binge for weeks.
Also I'm running out of beads to make bead chains with, which I should get some because its good to do when I'm sitting and watching TV.

We aren't going to be baby sitting for while we had her for two weeks and now its out time "off"
which is sad but that's part of baby sitting, they go back to their parents and such.

I need to go pack now.

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