Friday, January 31, 2020

Jan 31, 2020 - trip recap

I finally found the outline for the blog draft I was going to write, so here is my late christmas trip summary.

Day one - Friday: my husband and I woke up on time and got going exactly as planned. However, my stomach was not very happy with me and we had to make some stops for me to handle my GERD and IBS issues. I ended up sleeping through most of the trip up, riding in cars makes me sleep like a baby.
When we got to our destination, which is where my husband's mother lives, we ordered a pizza from a legit Italian place and it was sooooo good. I ate so much pizza and by some grace of God I didn't get that sick. So woooo.

Day two - Saturday: we slept in a bit, then got ready and had lunch with my husband's friend and her boyfriend. The restaurant was amazing. Very pretty interior design. I took a photo to show mom and dad because it reminded me of stuff my dad would make.  I ate smothered chicken and green beans, but I ended up scraping most of the toppings off the smothered chicken.
That night my husband cooked dinner, fried chicken with honey on it and omg it was so good. I dont usually eat friend chicken at all, but daaaaaaaaaamn,

Day three - Sunday: my husband went to visit with his dad and they had a delicious lunch and watched some football. And my husband is so sweet, he got me ice cream on the way back. Most of the day I rested, my stomach was not feeling the best. But compared to other times we have visited, my stomach was much better than the past.

Day four - Monday: my husband made delicious breakfast for us-- fried bologna egg and cheese sandwiches on toasted bread, It was just what I needed. So good. After that we relaxed with mother-in-law, and my husband's cousin and his girlfriend, also my husband's grandmother came over. It was very nice to see my husband's cousin and his lady. They are good people. After everyone left my husband and I decided it was a good night to eat chinese takeout. Haha, which was delicious but, I would soon regret it.

Day five - Tuesday: I woke up with a huge acid reflux attack at 6am. I dont know why in the world my body decided to go ALL night and then be like "oh hey, 6am, lets choke on stomach acid"
So we slept a little later than planned, because I had such trouble with that. But eventually we packed up and got on the road to come home. I slept half the way home, and spent the other half singing annoying songs that drove my husband crazy. we made it home early enough to talk to my parents before going to bed.


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