Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday August 5, 2021 -- HAPPY AUGUST


I have been sick for almost a week. I went monday and got tested for Covid--- negative 

then i went to the doctor because I knew I was sick but didn't know with what or how bad it might be. I just had/have a very bad sinus infection. They prescribed me a ridiculously strong antibiotic and gave me a steroid shot.

and about three ... well, four week ago now, I fell and hurt my arm. I thought it would get better on its own, but I eventually went to the doctor and found out I have fractured my arm. 

I have never fractured or broken anything in my entire life, so i guess you can say I hit a milestone in life. lol

The fracture is a non-displaced one, and had started healing by the time I went to the doctor (I waited three weeks because I was so convinced it was nothing) 

if i had went sooner i'd have been in an arm sling for a while but they told me that by three weeks out i didn't need one unless it was hurting particularly bad. So I didn't purchase one. waste of money at that point, in my opinion.

Anyway, So just yesterday my husband had oral surgery and it turned out to be a bigger deal than we ever thought it would be. We are in a wait and see what happens situation with his recovery. But he made it through and is ok, worried but he is ok all in all, i think I've done my best to try and take care of him. I've cooked him meals and brought him what he needed until he decided he didn't need me so much lol


I let him have the bed to himself for the first night and I will again tonight. I mean, sometimes its just nice to be able to roll all around on the bed for a night or two and not worry about disturbing someone you're sleeping next to. And we have spare beds right now.

And at the same time as this, we have been baby sitting the little girl we watch for two days straight-- her father had some doctor stuff and they needed us to keep her.

She has been good, very goofy. She is learning more words and small phrases. I think the cutest thing she says right now is.. when she drops something from her highchair is says "uh oh i drop" and i can't not smile. it is so adorable

This month there are a LOT of birthdays. My friend Alaina, Martin, Mom, my brother, my friend John, and my late pawpaw just to name a few. There are many more. it seems like there are a ton of birthday in August and April. 

I've been watching Downton Abbey (finally) and I am ADDICTED to it.

I watch it and make jewelry (nothing complicated, because I want to be able to pay attention)

I'm still playing Animal Crossing, but I haven't played Stardew Valley in a few weeks.

I'm still dieting. I've lost 28 pounds. 


I've been logging my calories in an app called "Lose It" for... what is it, 73 days now? I have to keep doing it because I've challenged myself to do it to at least 100 days straight. even if i have a "bad" day and eat too much. Still keeping track is important.

I finished a journal tuesday night. I started it in January. It was a very cute one... the cover was little watercolor images of cacti and succulents in cute little pots.

my new one is just plain hot pink.

I've started doing journal prompts. usually of the therapeutic or soul searching kind. like "what give you joy" and "what should you let go of?"

Also writing in some nice inspiration or amusing quotes, Using some stickers. might do some doodles in there.

Journaling is good for me. therapeutic and helps me remember things--- just like my planner and this blog. 

I also need projects like this blog and my planner and such to keep myself going. There are times I have so little to do or look foreward to. It gets me in bad feelings a lot.

The next big things are... my wedding anniversary in Sept, and then we will go to visit my husband's mother and his family in November.

I'm sure there's more but off the top of my head I can't think of anything else.

my my, i think this might be one of my longer blog posts in a while!!!

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