Thursday, April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

So it's been a long time since i've updated this blog.
I went to update on March 29 and my computer wouldn't load the page to post so I just put it away for a while.

I had to do my last therapy session via telehealth and I didn't like it at all.

My MawMaw has been sick and they diagnosed her with terminal cancer so I have limited time to see her for the last time.

The COVID-19 virus has the world going nuts.

I'm trapped at home.

Stan got me a new video game for my birthday, and a stuffed Hello Kitty that I named "Corona Kitty"

My dad has come up with a way to stream his classes and make videos of the stuff for the classes, which is pretty cool. He can't just sit there and talk at the camera, he had to make a pivoting mount out of wood that is looking down on the electronics stuff he is teaching about.

This saturday I am hopefully going to see my mawmaw

My stomach has been bothering me more than normal and I hate it

Walmart is having trouble getting my medicine in stock so that is bad

everything is bad

i am depressed
i can't get med adjustments because I can't physically go to the doctor, and getting adjustments during the quarantine is probably near impossible, plus i dont even know if i need it. i might just be more depressed simply because of the quarantine. probably.

all i want to do is sleep

I have a mini infestation of tiny tiny tiny beetle like bugs in the window of my bedroom. I would just bug spray them but Lilly likes that window and I dont want her to get sick from bug spray. =/ not sure what to do

Stan got us the last starwars movie and we watched it. I love it, but stan doesn't care for it so much. I mean, I'm like, at least it explains why Rey was so over powered in the previous movies. AND. well i can't talk about it, it might spoil it for the one person who reads this blog. lol

The only thing I have going for me is my new video game: Animal Crossing New Horizons
It's only the second animal crossing game I've played but god damn are these games addictive.
I kinda wanna start up my older one and just check on my villagers--- they get upset when you disappear from the game. and they count the days too.

My cat has been taking naps on me and that makes me happy too

MY stomach really hurts right now, sigh.

I guess I will try to update this more since I'm stuck at home. maybe post some photos of stuff.

I think I'm averaging two naps a day and also sleeping all night through.
this is so much sleep I don't even know what to think

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