Tuesday, January 30, 2024


 it's quite a bit late but i have an update 

I have joined the community band once again and I am very happy. i am sad i missed out on the christmas music because of my travel plans

the music this time is easier and we are playing something by Robert W. Smith who passed away this last fall.....

who was a huuuuuge deal in the south and especially at Troy university (where I attended school for two years before my mental health got too bad) I had asked the community band director if we could play something of his to honor him and now we are actually doing it and I am so very happy!

Beau had been a blessing all these weeks, months. he has kept me going when nothing else could.

I finally told my doctor about the coffee ground stool i have been having and it had pushed up a test that i've needed to get done for two years now but i just wouldn't let my husband allocate those funds to my health and..we seem to have met at a point where.... it needs to be done and we will find a way with a payment plan

so that is happening on feb 9

i see my therapist for the last time on thursday. she is leaving MindPsi and will no longer be doing therapy with them after that. it's a mostly just.... tie up loose ends and what not.

the biggest thing is on FRIDAY I am getting my hair cut for the first time in two years.

i have talked to the lady on fb messenger and we seem to get along so i just hope i can get my hair trimmed and taken care of

and now for some photos:::

here's some photos of the boy!
he's a blessing!!!

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