Monday, October 9, 2023

I haven't updated in forever!

 and i've been very busy actually for once. We adopted a shih-tzu yorkie mix (shorkie?)

and he is... the best thing that has happened to us in a long time.

He is so well tempered he is adorable. And he is learning to leave Lilly alone.

we have been using a squirt water gun to get him to stop chasing after her and its working great.

i have a band concert this sunday and i am playing much better than i was. i feel more confident but there is this part in one piece that is very exposed and we are playing English Horn cues (there aren't any english horn players obviously) and it's very.. you have to count for ages and jump in and the rest and jump back in again and its very.. hard for me. i'm not getting the timing right. and we dont rehearse enough to sit down and hash it out so it's just gonna be up in the air and hope for the best. my friend who plays clarinet with me, that i've been meeting on mondays to practice. she had sinus surgery and couldn't come to the last rehearsal and she hopes to get cleared for the concert but my expectations are not very high on that.

I wont be able to play in the december concert because i will be in alabama when they have the concert so... this is the last one of the year for me. and i will see them in january.

my plan is to practice out of the Klose book and get really good and surprise everyone next year, i know I can play better than I am and if i keep practicing i will get there.

enough of this lets see some pictures of the little dog we adopted, his name is Beau (french for boy)

it is basically the name he had been going by so that makes it easier for him.

we got him from an elderly couple that couldn't look after him properly. they were very nice and gave us all his things. he is a good boy and doesn't do anything horrible. doesn't chew on anything.  we have been working on the house training potty situation and its getting better.

In december i am going back home to see my family the weekend before christmas and we are staying with my parents and they are excited to meet Beau

now i will photo dump pictures of the little man.

these pictures are after we took him to the groomer. his hair was very long before that. it was adorable but he had matted hair so we got him cut shorter. 

i know there is probably a lot more i should update about but i just don't really want to take attention away from the dog too much... he has been a blessing on keeping me grounded in reality.

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