Monday, September 27, 2021

monday sept 27, 2021

 hello world

i've started using an app for task management, so i'm going to be blogging once a week now. usually on mondays

i keep  my planner too but the app on my phone has alarm reminders so i'm more likely to get stuff done, i think.

i need structure in my days and weeks or i'll go kind of nuts. depressed and sleeping and eating 24/7 and i really can't let myself do that anymore. or again. or anything.

i went on saturday and helped my parents work on my brother's trailer.

i'm going to go over there again this afternoon and help dad again

i've gained back about 3 pounds from my weight loss and i'm sad and i have decided that i need to quit eating hot pockets because they are addictive and i can't say no to them lol

i might blog more than on mondays but right now i'm just trying to get into the swing of it.

i dont actually have much to say.

my husband and i are planning a trip to his hometown to see his mom in november. a christmas and thanksgiving combined trip, i think. we have to travel almost a whole day to get there so its hard to visit often. I love to travel so i dont mind the trip, and I love my mother in law. she is amazing and sweet and so understanding and patient (my anxiety has me all kinds of weird when i visit her) so i appreciate it.

i'm going to go do so coloring therapy until i go help my dad.

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