Sunday, June 6, 2021



it's been a while and i've been kind of down but i'm feeling better. the big new is i've started a diet plan and i really think its working for me, i've lost some weight. but the best thing is i physically feel better. which is the most important part. because i felt so ..... i can't even explain it, its a mixture of mental health and physical health... but now i have a meal plan i am sticking to and its great. i meal prep and everything.

the little one i baby sit has definitely hit her "terrible twos" because today was just..... wow. hahaha. that's all i can say. just wow.

we are just keep on keepin' on, i guess.

i have an appointment with my therapist on tuesday and i see the hematologist later this month to check my iron levels

i need to call and schedule my appointment with the psych because i think they forgot to make one for me, i'm not sure, its been complicated since we use teleheath stuff now

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