Tuesday, February 9, 2021

February 9, 2021

 SOOOOOO.... tomorrow I FINALLY get my teeth cut out. after all the waiting and rescheduling twice.

After that we are going to have to look at options for me when it comes to ...implants or what not.

I have been playing Stardew Valley a lot. Still rewatching Bridgerton.

This past weekend my husband and I took a weekend to our selves and stayed in a hotel to get away from everything. It was lovely. We went to Olive Garden and it was divine. It was so very nice to get away from the world, just me and him. and no responsibilities. no chores. no house work. for a day or two. it was amazing.

I'm still baby sitting, i'm basically an Auntie. I love this little girl and if anything happens to her I will lose my mind. lol

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