Sunday, December 27, 2020

sunday december 27, 2020

 So I made it through christmas, but it didn't feel like christmas at all.

I really miss my Pawpaw, and my nana... though she's been going a few years now.

My mom was very strong through christmas, she didn't seem to cry at all... I know I did, though.

I baked cookies and made chocolate covered pretzels. Mom's dressing was so good. And my green bean casserole was ate up.

The gifts I got from my husband were nerdy and revolve around Starwars and The Mandalorian.

My mother got my clothes and some swanky hot cocoa stuff in little metal tins so that is cool.

I feel blessed this christmas but I just... I miss my pawpaw... my mawmaw... my family. We didn't have a big family gathering like we usually do either. which makes it even worse.

We got to see the little one i baby sit on christmas day so that was a nice boost to my mood, she was adorable and it made me happy. But the amount of people in the house kind of made it harder to enjoy.

I wont see her again until january 4th.

I have to see a dentist soon because i am have a lot of pain in my mouth.

and my iron is low, and i need to get bloodwork done but i think the dentist is more important right now.

neither of these things can be done until january anyways, the end of december is no time to try and get anything done-- places are always closed. blah blah blah.

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