Sunday, June 7, 2020

June 7, 2020

So here we go, another update.
Since I last updated We have started baby sitting our friend's little girl again, which is absolutely WONDERFUL. She is a joy. She just turned 1 year old and I am so excited. She absolutely loves me, which makes me feel special and overhwhelmed at this same time because I dont handle constant attention very well I get exhausted, so I keep sneaking off to breath.
This is another sign that no, I would no be a good mother after all. Which we already knew, but just more fuel for the case, so to speak.

My car broke down and My dad fixed it up and its great now! I'm so excited!
And now I can drive myself to the dentist this next week. And maybe to birmingham for therapy when I start going back in person when the insurance stops covering the Covid-19 emergency telehealth stuff.

I realized last night that only ONE of my life, 5 prescriptions has a refill written out for it. so that is going to be hell when I need to get a refill. I'll have to call greyson and leave and message and explain the problem and hope they understand and will call the pharmacy and take care of it without making us jump through 15 hoops to get my medicine filled.

last night I got a wild hair and decided to paint my nails which is something i havent done in year or two, i was hoping itd help me feel more girls but i dont know if its working maybe it would have if i picked a girly color. and not black silver gray sparkles lol

I have been watching the movie Zootopia on repeat in the background because its a wholesome child level look at racism. and uh, its just a good damn movie.

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