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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I'm trying to update more

Mostly just to help my own sanity

Last night I didn't sleep very well, didn't take ambien and wasn't tired but when I finally dozed off around 1 or 2am it was so pleasant and gentle and it was like the best cat nap. woke up around 4:30 maybe 5am. I felt great. like so peaceful. and calm.
i'm i haven't slept at all today, which means tonight i should sleep very well. I hope.

My husband ate some bad chicken last night and has had tummy troubles all day. You just gotta be careful with chicken, you know?

I haven't played as much Animal Crossing as I planned today but I think if I had, i'd have gotten sleepy. so I've been doing other stuff.

I can't really figure out what. I've been writing in my journal. Attempting to color. My therapist thinks the anxiety relieving adult coloring books are very good for me to have a project to work on that doesn't have an actual level of quality that it requires but i can still make it as best as i can anyway??? does that make sense. like i can put effort into it if i want or i can just blah

I did clean the literbox and take out the trash and take the garbage cart down today.

But really a LOT of writing in my personal journal.


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