Saturday, August 10, 2019

Augus 10, 2019

I haven't updated in a long time.
I have been deemed non-anemic as of my last bloodwork. I'm a few points above anemic now. they want me to come back for a three month check up to see if my iron levels are staying in the good range.

I had a CT scan and I have found out I have Ovarian Cysts and Diverticulosis.
So my weird stomach problems are actually a thing.

I mean, other than the GERD and reflux and hernia. I mean, lower abdomen stuff.

The ovarian cysts explain why I have been having really bad pain in my pelvic area and its not always during my period, just randomly... like bad.

I've been playing Minecraft and its really addictive, like REALLY REALLY.

on Monday I have an ultrasound of my gallbladder-- AGAIN.
they said (from the CT results) my gallbladder wall is inflammed-- but they didn't say anything about the gallstones they said i had. so i am not sure what is going on with that.

And wednesday I have therapy in birmingham.

And in a week or two I have a colonoscopy.

So I think we might be coming to an end of the investigation part of this whole thing.
Unless I have flair ups of whatever I have wrong.

My Dad starts his new awesome job monday.

I'm listening to old Fall Out Boy and waxing hella nostalgic.

My husband has been so patient and loving during all this medical nonsense and I am so grateful for him. I love you babe.

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