Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hello from Kentucky

The funeral was yesterday and I feel like an ass because I was severely sick and couldn't stay in the service or go to the graveside.
I don't know if I got a stomach virus or the flu or food poison ( for the second time in the past few months). I ate Chinese food on Friday for lunch for The first time in a long time and I woke up Saturday and puked it up. My body didn't even try to digest it.

My husband and his family has been extremely kind and not mad at me for getting sick at the funeral. I have tried to be nice and comfort Stan's mother and grandma.
We were supposed to go home today but I was feeling really really bad when we woke up this morning. I slept until 2 pm. Cold and hot. Nightmares. Just really.... Not good. But it was better than yesterday... Because yesterday I honestly didn't know if I was gonna make it. Like if we were at home I might have asked to go to the doctor. It was that bad. I just tried not to let anybody know it was that bad. I mean I know everybody could tell I was sick but I was even worse than I was acting.
I'm so dehydrated today that I have only used the bathroom one time. My lips are chapped rally bad and my mouth is constantly dry. And I've drank a lot of Gatorade and water to try and rehydrate. But it's still not enough to help. And I'm afraid to drink anymore because I'm afraid if I get full I will vomit. I did eat today but I kind of regret it. I'm feeling sicker than I did earlier today but I also know that I had to eat something or I'd end up even more weak.
Gatorade is a life saver though.

My mother in law got me a coloring book and a book of colorable post cards I can send to people. So that was really nice. I will get to color when I get home.

It's almost 7pm ( Eastern) and I am about to start the "let's go to bed" routine. Not sure if I will but I'm gonna try.

I am updating from my phone. And just thought id mention it because I dunno how bad my typing is.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Testing out the media post

Previously the blogger app had been crashing when people attempted to make a post that Included images so I am going to make a test post

Its november!

So... This week I left the house three different times and FYI... That was ridiculously scary and exhausting and hard. like really hard. I've done a lot more walking than usual and my legs and entire body are so sore.
But I know...I have to remind myself that this will pass if I keep doing more. Granted that doing more won't be today. Haha. it's Sunday and laundry day and I'mma not about to so much of anything else.

Except for my visit my little brother down the road! Last night was his first night to stay in his new house/trailer with his wife Krista. I suppose they will sleep in but I might go down there later and see if she needs anything help unpacking. she has soooo much stuff to put away and the kicker is that her dishwasher isn't working so all those dishes and utensils and Tupperware? Gotta be hand washed.

So anyway right now I am starting to read books again. One is a collection of short stories by Mary Huggins Clark. And I am also rereading "the reef" by Nora Roberts because I loves it so much... It's about the ocean and treasure hunting and the sea.

I've started doing Sudoku puzzles again and I am tickled pink that Stan cannot do them. like hold on... Write that down. That's like one thing in a million that I can do that he can't. hahaha. Score one for me.

So today is laundry... Reading. Relaxing. Maybe visiting my brother in his new place.
Tomorrow Stan has to go back to Walmart because the pharmacy didn't have my Prozac on Saturday. They were completely out. Like wtf. That's not cool. And I think I have a therapist appointment this week.

Also Stan is also sure... Not quit sure but almost. That we will be getting a week to go to Kentucky this December. So I have something to look forward to. Other than I am not allowed to visit Stan's dad anymore. But I will stay with Mama Joy and we will have a good time because she is awesome and understands me. She is the kindest person I've ever met in my life. I feel so blessed to have her as my mother in law.

Also the Reynolds Christmas is scheduled for December 15 so that is something else I can plan on. But the big event to plan for is going to KY. I have some new pants and I gotta find my winter boots. I could have swore they we're here but I guess they are in storage because I looked and looked yesterday and I couldn't find them at all.

I have so many clothes I need to put away. especially the summer stuff...though in Alabama you never know when it might be 70 degrees again for a day so lol it's kind of like spring and summer never end here.

Side note: I am updating my blog from my cell phone the past two times. I changed my keyboard app and it seems to be so much better for me. The one I had before was nice because it remember all my custom words and hashtags. But the layout was so bad that I hit the period key every time I mean to hit the space bar. However this keyboard is much better so long story short... I can blog on the go without having to dig out my or carry my old Chromebook (which needs replacing. It's in almost mint condition but it's just such an old model that Google isn't updating the OS anymore) so I can blog on trips...In the car. Which will be fun I think. Haha

Ok... This post has been way longer than I intended but that's all for now.

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