Monday, May 29, 2017

house hunting in KY (part one of idek how many there will be)

post one of many probably.

just some links and ideas and what not.

we want to buy a house (mortgage or loan or whatnot) because we want 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms prefferably (but i am willing to do a 1 bathroom if its big enough) ....or is there is other cool things about the house that over rides things lol


our pricing range is $200,000 max
i've been looking online at
and we've found a few but Stan knows realtors in KY and thinks we can get shown stuff by them or have something worked out somehow, idk


  1. house #1 ... this is one that we keep coming back to because we like the exterior (its all retro and shit) but the problem is the bathroom ... only one bathroom and it's HIDEOUS... but i really really like the red and the triangles and the stone and yeah... i like the asthetics of the out side a lot. the inside is a little outdated---- the banners around the tops of the ceilings are tacky as hell... but the livingroom is huge. the bathroom is tacky as hell and is downstairs... the upstairs two bedrooms are bright purple and i kind of like it actually (but there's no bathroom upstairs at all).. slanted ceiling and stuff. stan said that can be my little space to myself. lol  the porches/patio/ excetra are nice too. there's a stone fireplace and mantle for christmas stockings !!!!!   they are asking $115,000 and its 1,834 sqft.... 2 car garage also
  2. house #2 .... four bedroom... it saw 2 bath rooms but one of them has the laundry machine and stuff in it and i cant see a shower/bathtub so i would say its 1.5 bath but the main bathroom has enough counter space imo. (one thing we wanted was his and her sinks but if the one bathroom has a big enough counter i can handle that just fine. 2 car garage is nice. the front porch looks good. i like the livingroom space. the kitchen is okay but i'd like more counter top area because i had hell in stans apartment kitchen and we both like having room to do stuff-- especially stan he loves to cook. i do really really like the glass cabinets on the upper kitchen cabinet thing, the master closest seems adequate. and if its 4 bedrooms that means we can have a master bedroom an office, and my work room for jewelry, and a space bedroom for company that might also be a library type thing. unless we use stans office as a library ... we do need a lot of bookselving space .... looking at $104,500
  3. house #3 3 bed ... 1.5 bath comes with storage shed out back... brick fire place with place to hand stockings (i am getting picky about some things lolol I GOTTA HAND STOCKING AT CHRISTMAS OK THANK)   large back deck porch. the kitchen looks nice but i cant tell if the stove is gas or electric and stan doesnt want an electric stove (and neither do i they scare me). there is a nice bay window or whatever you call it .... i think its in the dining room? the bedrooms look very similar and around the same size ... which is fine i guess, just as long as one of them is slightly bigger for the master. it looks nice on the outside.  looking at $99,900
so this is just part of some of the things we are looking at.

i'm falling asleep and getting confused on what i've looked at and what i havennt so i will just stop here

saturday is over and i am so happy

It was stan's birthday and I love him but i dont do well at gathering. and i cant drink and i cant socialize and it just wasnt a good day for me

but Stan had fun and that is what mattered.  I just stayed out of the way because i would have been a party pooper with my sadness lol
i took a really good nap though and when i woke up everybody was gone so that was nice

the next day i slept in and stan and i laid in bed lounging on each other and watching tv and stuff. it was really nice i needed it after a few days of being weird and not talkin to him because of the pre party anxiety

today mom and dad did something different and they went to see a movie so that is cool!
i rode the stationary bike for 10 mins straight! so go meeee

i need to do is every day. maybe. 10 min in the morning and 5 at night

i got a little pretty (did my eye make up) and took a selfie
i also took pics of the bedroom because lol its so tiny and silly and yeah


my next post is going to be house/apartment stuff for moving, we want to buy a house but we might have to rent an apartment for a little bit... will be hard to find a place thats pet friendly in the way of apartments but we will make it happen somehow might get lilly a service pet thing for my anxiety

tomorrow i might go to town for once
i have a little money and i want to buy something. not sure what but i wanna get something.

one of my instagram friends has a 3ds and we exchanged friend codes so i have a new friend in my friend lists and it makes me happy for some reason

i am fighting my sleep like a mother fucker right now so i gotta post this and start on my house hunting entry that is my next project yay projects or whatever

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

getting ready for saturday

the funeral was yesterday and we all cried a lot. but Aunt Pam was very calm and strong and i know she will eventually break down but she is waiting until later... she said she was going to hold it together until she knew her kids were okay.
When we got to Aunt Pams house i walked in and went in the kitchen and i for real thought he would be standing there. and it hit me. and i cried. and it was really embarassing. and cried so much i feellike people think i was faking it but i dont give a rats ass. a lot of shit is going on in my life and i am overwhelmed and this is just too much.

i talked to alot of family and caught up with some people. one of my cousins is getting a divorce (second divorce, from the same person. they got divorced before and them remarried and now they are splitting up again) so much.... going on.
and dad still can't get a job. he has pretty much stopped looking.

we are getting ready for the crawfish boil/stan's birthday party this saturday... mom and i did some house cleaning today.
we still have to clean up the kitchen and finish the livingroom and do the bathrooms. i will do my bathroom on friday. i will sweep the kitchen friday and mom will mop it friday before bed.
we also need to start some cooking of the desserts on friday because there wont be enough time or space to cook everything saturday morning.

i ate too much yesterday and i'm eating a good bit today. i'm not working out today because i did a lot of cleaning that was exhausting. i will workout tomorrow and friday.
and sunday, but there wont be time saturday... plus i dont want to be sweaty and finding time to shower after working out all in the morning would be hectic with everything going on

i havent played pokemon in a few days so i'm going to do that now.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A death in the family

There's been a death in the family.. My uncle Wayne died in a accident at work.
The funeral is tomorrow (Tuesday) and we are driving over there tomorrow morning and staying until after the funeral is over around 7pm. Maybe later.

I am very sad about this. My uncle was a great man. We spent a lot of time at his house while I was growing up. Good memories. Sweet memories. He was 73 i think. Or 75. Can't remember which.

The accident at work is tragic. He was working and a piece of machinery fell on him and crushed him.

So Stan is taking off work tomorrow to drive me to the funeral. And of course he will be attending too.

I'm other news there is something big that might happen soon. So stay tuned.

Monday, May 15, 2017

starting a new week

this week is going to be insane because we gotta start the  clean up for the crawfish boil thing and i have to put my big girl panties on and do it

i have been exercising and its making me feel good... helping my mood.
i just wanna lost a little bit of weight so i can stop hating myself so much.

tomorrow Stan is going to Tuskegee alabama for a story for Alabama Public Radio and he has to get up at like.... 5 am  to get ready on time and leave and i am feeling really bad about this.... he will be driving a university vehicle so that is one thing to not worry about.
and then mom has to drive to birmingham for Avon awards thing so i have two people i love on the roads tomorrow and i am all kinds of panic.

i finished pokemon X (it was the best best best!!!!)
 and i restarted pokemon sun and they have to take my removal of the registration of the game with off and reset it. but i can still play it like normal and i can do wonder trade so that is good that is what makes me happy..i just cant game sync my stuff, but i should be able to when they review my removal and they said they do it during maintenance updates and well i tried to log in and it says they are doing maintenance so maybe it will be done tomorrow!!!!
or soon

im seriously considering asking stan to pay for the pokemon bank thing (its like $5 a year) to save my pokemon from games i've done... so see, if i have that before i restarted the games i could have kept them and played again, right?

then again i dont know what is going to happen with the next pokemon game will it be on the 3ds or the nintendo switch and i dont want to geta nintendo switch i dont like them and it would cost too much in the first place i am still making up for making stan buy me a 3ds this last year at black friday

i have a few games i want to play on the 3ds (harvest moon and zelda) so we will get some use out of it.. and that will make me feel better

anyways i need to stop typing because i type really loud and stan is trying to sleep so he can get up tomorrow to go be a journalist reporter person man thing.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

havent blogged in a while

i havent blogged in a while. nothing much had happened.

we went yard sale hopping this past saturday and i got a dress that i can wear to an awards thing in june with stan for the radio station getting awards.. i have never went before but alex took sagen last year so i should go and make stan look nice i guess. lol
its a black dress with frilly stuff at the bottom. its a little loose on me which is good. and i plan to lose more weight so it will be even more loose but that is okay too because i dont like my clothes to be tight on me.

i apparently caught a stomach bug because i was on the toilet all night the other day and was nauseated and now stan is sick and on the toilet all day and night, so bad that he took off work. so we have a day to lay around together today

i have been cycling on a stationary fan bike and i love it.. its the best thing ever. i only wish it was like the bikes at para where the handle bars dont move but the resistance starts low and gets harder and then slacks off. some fancy cycling bikes imitate a bike ride where you have to pedal harder for a bit and then its less and then its more and that would be cool too... but i like having a bike here in the house because i dont have to worry about people staring at me at para... i know stan would pay for me to have a membership if i asked but i dont want that we have this bike here that doesnt make as much noise... i dont have to wear ear buds to hear my phone play music. i can just turn it up and let it play and i can hear it.
the best thing about cycling is i feel better in general.. i mean right after i dont feel good but later on in the day i feel better. the endorphins and shit are helping with my depression i guess. i dont know. i just know i gotta make myself do it. its really hard some days.. and i'm only cycling 10 mins... sometimes i go 15 mins... i am so out of shape its ridiculous... i get tired doing simple things and that is not okay... i need to make myself work out and get stronger so i can do stuff without almost passing out all the time.

i am almost done with pokemon x and i am at the victory road and and i wont start it because i am not ready and i am sad because i want the game to last as long as possible... though i still have pokemon sun to play after that because i restarted it... and then if i really get bored theres the sapphire and ruby remakes they made for 3ds that stan could order online if i asked. but i think i want a Harvest Moon game for the 3ds. i need to get games for it and use it because i nagged him about getting it for me and i better damn well use the thing damn it.. other wise i will feel guilty as hell.

i'm almost done with the last Frank McCourt book... its called "Teacher man" and i love it... after that i have "crazy in alabama" which was made into a movie... and i think its "high fidelity" and then "the lovely bones" and two danielle steel books that we got at the yard sales.

dad hasnt found a job and nobody seems to want to hire him so we have no idea what is going to happen and he is doing yard work to keep from going insane and i dont know what to do and its making me insane on top of my anxiety and depression and i dont know what the hell is going to happen to this family..
theres alot of shit about to go down and i dont even know.. just... jesus christ can we get a break here please for fucks sake

my scheduled blog post

I have set up a habit tracker to try and motivate and keep track of my stuff so i have schedule to blog today. there is a lot going on. i...