Thursday, March 30, 2017

im gonna read like theres no tomorrow

seriously thats what i've been doing

i just now realized how long i have been missing out on Stephen King and I have to read them all IMMEDIATELY
Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King are now my thing.

I might read some frou frou smutty smut romance novels to lighten things up here and there but i am dead set on this shit.
i already upped my goodreads goal but i think i might set it at 40 instead of 30... i just know i cant do 50... i tried to last year and failed.

today was the first day of the FUND DRIVE at Alabama Public Radio so Stan is going to be an angry old man for a week or two. its okay. i love him anyways.

Stan is looking for a new (used) car to buy when the insurance stuff goes through and on saturday we will probably be going to a place to look at cars... he said he wants my opinion on it because WE ARE A FAMILY... DAWWWW... i am a wife, ya'll. i can't believe it.
but seriously its his car, he can get when he wants

i've trying to breath new life into my etsy shop.
i dont think i will get any buyers from etsy browsers but people from facebook who know me might buy things if i link  them to it on facebook...

my dad seems to be enjoying his job so that is good... i'm just so relieved he got hired somewhere. it was starting to feel a little ...bleak

i'm awake when i should be sleeping but that just happens sometimes.... usually i read but this time i am blogging. so hiiiii

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

dad got a job!

dad got a job.. he started yesterday.
stan is not sleeping good and i know its my fault =(

i had a migraine so bad i couldnt walk straight yesterday i had to hold on to walls to keep from falling. my eyes wouldnt focus and i couldnt really open them either because of light. it was the worst headache i've ever had. i know i've said that before... but this one was really worse than all of those. i was scared it wasnt going to end. i was scared i was stuck like that... i started freaking out.. i took two 800mg doses of ibuprophen and it didnt do anything... mom gave me a sinus pill with acetaminophen and Phenylephrine (which is what they used to replace pseudoephedrine because meth makes were using pseudoephedrine) it might have helped but i dont really know if it was that or if was just winding down... i spent about 2 or 3 hours unable to do anything... i had to get water and pee but i was, like i said, holding on to walls and almost screaming from pain. i didnt really cry.. it hurt to bad to cry. it was beyond crying. i know i probably over complain about stuff but this really was the worst thing i have ever experienced in my life. when it was over i was thanking god that i was still alive.

i was nauseated for the rest of the day.. i didnt sleep worth shit last night.
and my head feels weird today.

i did however get my mind clear enough to read last night and finished Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King... I think i have found my new favorite author. its like an upgrade from Chuck Palahniuk... more dark. but i never knew how easy it would be to switch from Palahniuk to King.. it was really easy. which makes me think Dad might enjoy Palahniuk too, since dad is a huge Stephen King fan... like.. HUGE FAN. i think i was named after his wife, Tabitha. but dad might not ever admit that lol

today is dads second day at work. stan was going to be working late tonight but moved his thing to sometime in april so he will get home at normal time.
mom is going to tuscaloosa for avon stuff and shopping.
i'm getting a shower and washing my nasty ass hair and reading my Nora Roberts novel. i wont start another King book until I finish this Nora Roberts book

the payment of my first etsy sale since i started up again went through.. and i ow have $15 dollars to my name. nothing more. nothing less. its a start. i need to put up more listing but after yesterday i think i need a day or two. i cant get that feeling to go away... it was like my brain was being smashed in and ripped apart. the only time it stopped was when i laid down and didnt move and kept my eyes closed and even then it was there. i wanted to vomit and cry and scream but i didnt do anything but curl up in a fetal position and pray to god that it stopped and i wasnt stuck like this forever.

i guess i will stop typing now. i havent had much to update but things happened and now i do.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

today did not go as planned

today was supposed to be stan's first day back to work after the move..
it was his first time driving the distance from my parents house to work...
and of all the things that could happen--- got got a car wreck. and i feel like a bad wife because i didnt have my phone volume turned up so i didnt hear his phone calll.. but my mom got it.  mom freaked out.
4 cars total. it wasnt his fault though, thank god.
i was laying bed in and i had a weird feeling, i was trying to doze off and hear mom running through the house and i also hear dad say "you need to calm down"

then they open my door and tell me stan has been in a wreck

thankfully stan is fine and his car is drivable but needs works on the back and front bumpers.
the two cars behind stan were totalled... but stans was okay and the person infront of him was okay

so anyways, stan didnt go back to work today.
my mom and i drove out to the wreck because we were worried and we got there and had to walk a little way to the actual site of the wreck and i was all like "ITS MAH HUSBAND ITS MAH HUSBANDDDD" lolol

so stan drove his car home and called his insurance guy and mom and i went back home and then... i had to get ready and go to walmart because my meds needs refilled and transferred to the northport walmart... (which is much nicer)

they were buffing and waxing the floors in front of the pharmacy so there was a tiny little space to walk there but they were open.

they had my name as reynolds-wyman in the system though because i havent had a Rx filled over on this side of town in years ...speaking of that.. i should get my drivers license updated

i got some sour cream and onion chips and some dr.pepper i was going to get mandarin orange water for stan but they didnt have =(

i stopped and got some garlic bagel chips that were awesome i ate the whole bag lol

after we get settled in i'm going to put my etsy stuff in the shop i have eough merchandise to stock a small store

dad just got done with his interview and they said they wont know anything for 6 weeks.. which means they have the listing up for an allotted time and cant go ahead and pick somebody when other applications might come in later.

that is something hard for mom to understand, but i think dad gets it

tonight we are mixing stroganoff and philly cheese steak ham burger helpers for dinner

tomorrow stan will have to try to drive to work and get my meds i guess... or he might take another day off.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

settling in

there's been some bumps and bruises along the way (mostly my fault... okay all my fault)

but apparently its forgivable some how
not that i would forgive me if i were them but ok


we had pizza friday and accidentally caught the pokemon sun and moon episodes 1 and 2!!!!
i should have set a timer to record it but i didn't think to do it until it was too late

i went through another bag of my clothes today
slowly getting there... slowly

i need to lose enough weight to wear my shorts from last year
and then some
like 50 lbs
of course if i lost 50 lbs everybody would freak out and accuse me of relapsing
i'm still eating and i'm working on being more active
i will definitely be more active now that we live out here... there is walking to be done and house work to do that i can help out with

I finished my last Nora Roberts book and now i'm reading a Danielle Steel novel... not sure i like it that much but i'm going to read it anyways
i am going to read my Mary Higgins Clark book next

and when i read books that HAVENT come from book rack (the used book store i am using for cheap books) i will donate them and get store credit

stan has went to bed early and i got tired of reading to now i'm updating my blog and i guess i will play around on netflix

we have ATT Uverse at the house now so we can stream shit for once

dad has an in person interview on monday and we are all praying and hoping and doing everything we can think of to make this happen

stan is off work monday and goes back tuesday
i know its going to be hard on him because he has been off work for a week and going back to hell is always hard
miss lilly is almost settled in.. she is working on it... she is being a brave kitty... she isnt used to other cats and dogs in the house so this is a big thing for her

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

officially moved out

we are completely done cleaning and passed inspection! we will get back all of the deposit.

now we are relaxing a bit and watching Deadpool because its the best movie ever
i'm tired and full from dinner and drinking smirnoff screwdriver girly bitch drinks.

i have to go through all my clothes and find stuff to donate to places and to put in storage and then i start reading lots of books cause we went to a used book store and they have ALL THE BOOKS
stan bought me three books today!

tomorrow we are resting at home.
friday we are going to the movies.
saturday is the church giveaway, and we might go to a local steakhouse with my parents.

just got lots of settling in to do. lots of clothes.

okay now i gotta stop updating and watch deadpool

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

so very close to being moved out completely

all we have left to do in the apartment is the kitchen and utility room floors and half the living room floors.
everything else is done. we have stuff to get out of there (mostly cleaning stuff) and thats it

i have tried to work really hard on this cleaning thing but i feel like i haven't done enough.
like its not good enough and i am not working enough. getting enough done, too slow.

i have been reading a smutty smut book by Nora Roberts. and journaling in my journal.

on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors all damn day


Stan is more tired than me.. i feel so bad for him. he is hurting so much. i wish i could make it better. he is working so hard and its hurting him. =(]

mom is working a lot too... and even dad did some minor cleaning... (dad figured out what to use to clean the bathtub.. everything else i tried didnt work)

we had chinese buffet today and i ate so much i felt sick and then i had to go back to work cleaning. TO BE FAIR I DIDNT WANT TO HAVE CHINESE TODAY. i loathe it now. its so full of calories. ugh. but my family insisted that we go there. damn it.

i have so much stuff to sort through after we are done moving i will be busy for a god damn month after this just sorting through my clothes and other shit. i need to get help for hoarding or something lol

anyways im gonna go sit in the livingroom now and try to sociable.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

we have officially moved out of the apartment

now we just have to get the rest of the stuff out and clean it... by march 17
but we slept the last night in apartment on friday.

we brought Miss Lilly here today on sunday.

I have been freaking out because we have so much stuff and we dont have anywhere to put it.
I am going to have to put most of my clothes in storage or give them to the church for donations and giveaway

I have three plants here.. one cactus, one hard spiny aloe vera, and the lucky bamboo
we will need to find a way to get my big ivy plant here. and the pot that my pink angel plant was in.. bless her heart she just didnt make it.

after we get moved in i will have weeks of sorting through my clothes to do
if that tells you how much clothes i have.

i hoard clothes i guess
and stationery and planner and school supplies
and apparently food
because we brought all our food from the apartment to the house and there is enough to fill up my mothers kitchen and pantry if it was bare... so she already had her kitchen and pantry stocked and now we have a fuckton of food here sitting on the dining room table and in tubs and boxes.

My dad has a second interview for an IT job tomorrow so I am praying for him.
also the guy from ATT comes to instal U-verse for us... not like we couldn't do it ourselves because dad knows all that shit but they have to send somebody anyways i guess

god it feels good to be on a computer again

my scheduled blog post

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