Saturday, December 31, 2016

Currently watching the football game

Watching the peach Bowl...  Alabama had better win.
Stan made his sweet Asian chili chicken wings...  And fried some shrimp. Stan loves to cook.
Last night we went to uncle Steven and aunt Debra's house and played dice and I drank a good bit of whiskey.  Just whiskey over ice.  Nothing mixed in.  I am proud of myself for drinking  it straight...  It's something I rarely do.
Uncle Steven got really mean and drunk and I feel sorry for Stan because he had never seen him act like that before.  Uncle Steven kept bringing up my first marriage and that made everybody uncomfortable.  I handled it pretty well though.

I've finally gotten used to my phone and learned to trust the auto correct.

Stan's mom sent us a Christmas mail package and it was full of stuff for me  mostly. Lots of notebooks and stickers. I am very pleased with everything.  My mother in law is the sweetest lady I've ever met.

Stan and I are staying at mom and dad's through Monday. And on Tuesday I have another dentist appointment to get more cavities filled.

I'm gonna stop now and go back to watching the game.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm still at my parents house

Stan decided to leave me  at mom and dad's for the the week instead of  trying to take miss Lilly back and forth between locations so fast.
I finally got to play Pokémon go and I caught a few Pokémon.  I haven't gotten to go to a pokestop yet so I have no idea what that will be like.
Mom and dad and I have been working on getting  parts of the house ready for me and Stan to move in in March....  We have moved the desk out of the bedroom so stan and I can move a TV in there. But it is starting to look like we will have  to put the TV on the wall with some kind of holder.
I thought I would play a lot of Pokémon games while I am here but I haven't really felt like doing it that much. I'm still kind of sad that I finished pokemon sun as fast as I did. Now I have to play Pokémon xy.

Today they were showing the matrix movies all day and I had to laugh at how over dramatic they are. I could not  watch it seriously.
It's supposed to rain and I can feel it coming and it's making me sleepy as hell.
I'm slowly learning to trust the predictive  text and auto correct on my new phone because the swipe  keyboard is not up to par with what I've expected.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

I got a new phone

I don't know what kind  of phone it is but it's pretty. It says it's a pixi4?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

it's Christmas eve

I'm at my parents house and it's Christmas eve. we are baking a lot of cookies today... three different kinds of cookies. my Christmas cookies (funfetti cookies) and peanutbutter cookies and also chocolate chip cookies. (I'm making cookies instead of baking the cream cheese bake because I think it will go over better)

Stan and I played Pokemon for a while today. I like how much Stan gets into the game. it's so cute.

our tiny Christmas tree is covered up with presents. I have no idea who they are all for.
right now we are all watching Diehard.. which is apparently "the greatest Christmas movie ever" according to Stan and dad.
tomorrow I think my brother is proposing to his girl friend so that will be interesting.

I gotta stop typing and go finish baking cookies....

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I made it through the family christmas


now i just have to make it through the real christmas

and yes i still haven't cut my finger nails so i'm still struggling to type

family christmas was okay though i think dirty santa could have went better... we neveer can get it right.. somebody is always upset by the gifts.

the food was amazing at the gathering.

the dryer we just got from Mac isnt working right so we are kind of pissed off about that.
it seems to dry stuff but it takes like... 4 or so times through the drying cycle

Stan starts doing All Things Considered this week so that will be interesting to see how he feels after work

i'm still working on my pokedex in pokemon sun trying to get all the pokemon

Thursday, December 15, 2016

this week so far

(pre note: my finger nails are so long i can barely type just fyi)

so far this week has been almost tolerable.

on monday we got Mac's washer and dryer so now i can clean things whenever i want and not have to wait on Mac's permission to use his stuff.

YESTERDAY i went to the dentist and let me tell you what is was an experience... i was in there for almost 2 hours while they fixed cavities. They got a lot of work done but I was at my breaking point by the end of it.
Today my teeth feel fine and the numbness is gone. they have a lot more work to do i really let my teeth go down this shit hole i stopped taking care of myself in my depression pretty much and yeah... shit shit shit.

TODAY is STARWARS DAY and we are all going tonight to see the new star wars movie. I consider it a date night for me and Stan even though other people will be there. We will do the usual Chick-Fil-A  before the movie.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard one because we have to get Mac's Bed into our apartment until mom can take it in the truck so they have to carry it to our apartment and it has to stay here somewhere (only god know where!) I am really stressed out about this part of our moving I just want the bed to be at mom and dads for us but they need time to move it in and i dont know so much going on makes my anxiety go insane so i just wont think about it unless i have to =(

And on friday, tomorrow,  we hope to get some time to go shopping for the Reynolds christmas which is sunday.... AT the same place our wedding reception was at so that's fun. I have some ideas about what to get gift wise for dirty santa. We almost decided not to play at all this year because people keep getting butt hurt over their gifts... its DIRTY SANTA... dirty is in the name... dont like it-dont play...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Well, this is the week from hell right now

today we have to get our old washer and dryer out of here and get Mac's installed. and mom has to come with a truck to move our washer dryer to the donation place because we cant leave stuff by the dumpster anymore. or we get fined.

Tomorrow I have a psych appointment and i have to update my information with the doctor and i  am pretty sure they are going to have to pay a higher price for my mental health care because they do a sliding scale fee for people based on income and despite my not having income stan has what they consider enough money so... i'm fucked.

wednesday i have a dentist appointment. to get some cavities filled. I'm hoping its relatively painless but it probably wont be.

thursday is StarWars movie night. we are going with Mac and it will be our last movie together probably.

and friday we have to get Mac's bed into our apartment somehow and then get it into the truck so mom and dad can take it back to their house. i just hope it doesnt rain. jesus.

and sunday is the reynolds christmas which stan and i have done zero shopping for and have no planned to bring anything to eat either

im still trying to recover from drinking on saturday i got too drunk and have felt like hell for days now.

i'm done with my pokemon game and need to start the other one so i can have something to do.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

long time no posty

I have been ridiculously distracted by Pokemon Sun... I beat the game but there are quests after you beat it so i'm doing that now.

It has rained enough in the past few days to cancel the ban on burning stuff in Alabama.

I really dont have anything to talk about but pokemon.

the team i beat the elite four with is as follows:

and one other pokemon that i cant remember lololol

i've already changed my party since i beat the game so thats why i dont know.. bad memory and all

My Magnezone is bad ass. he kicks all the ass.

My favorite is either Leafeon or Gyarados.
I dont like Incineroar (the starter pokemon) because he is UGLY. so ugly. Litten was adorable but every evolution just got uglier and uglier.

i'm gonna go play pokemon now
i guess

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