Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend recap and monday morning

So this past weekend I went to mom and dad's on friday morning because i had been laying around here being miserable for too long and I needed to see my parents.
I stopped at dollar tree on the way and got some deodorant and razors and snacks for the weekend.
when I got there mom was in fayette but gordon and dalton were home.. Gordon told me some funny stories about his work at the toll bridge and we talked about what he was gonna do with Krista regarding them moving somewhere. And then mom came home and she brought delicious smoke chicken wings for us to eat that night.

so we sat around.. and eventually mom finally got around to telling me about what all had happened with Nana and her doctor this past time... and apparently they almost went ahead and signed off on her to be put away because she is being so ridiculous.  but mom stopped it from happening completely because she isnt sure she is ready yet she wants to have a chance or two left i guess.. and even if nana gets put away in a  home, pawpaw is gonna need to stay in that house for another year or so to make everything okay for the re-sale of it property. thankfully pawpaw is okay with hired nurses coming to check on him daily unlike nana.. the only reason nana cant keep living at home is she wont take her meds right and accuses any nurse or home help people of stealing from her because she is paranoid as hell... they never got her paranoia under control with the rest of her symptoms so its just really really bad.

on saturday dad had to work so it was just me and mom.
 mom and i fought gordon for the TV in the livingroom (gordon was playing halo online but was going to work eventually anyway) so.... we watched some interesting football games. nothing as good as alabama obviously.. but it was okay. i wanted to watch something.
mom and i went to the convenience store Crossroads and got chicken tenders and potato wedges for lunch and i didn't finish all of mine because i was so full from the potatos.. which is okay.. and then saturday night when dad got home mom made cube steak and gravy and sauteed onions and mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. it was really really good.

on sunday i went to church with mom because dad had to work and they didn't have a normal service it was just this group of guys playing guitar and singing... so that was okay. we did sing two hymns as a congregation though so that made me feel better. i like singing, even though i'm not any good at it.

after church we went to big al's with pawpaw and had lunch . i got the small personal pan pizza... pepperoni pizza. was SO FUCKING GOOD. i can't even explain how good it was. jesus. i ate the whole thing
went back to the house and i took a small nap and when i woke up i packed up and left for the apartment...
but i stopped at dollar tree again on the way back into town for more snacks and a drinks because i was thirsty. for a cherry limeade sparkling water that was so so good but it upset my stomach a lot... but it was delicious and didnt hurt my teeth to drink so i was happy

stan spent a lot of time with me last night and i got caught up on my planner and everything.
went to bed around my usual time.

this morning we got up around 7am. (i turned my 6am alarm off)
stan had to get me to jump his car off this morning so he can go to the store for a new battery and hopefully the place will install it for him too cause if not there's going to be a problem.

i'm going to try and stay relatively calm here at the apartment all day, though i am getting worried we might have trick or treaters because we decorated and i dont have any candy for them =( i might have to go to the store for something to hand out

Monday, October 24, 2016

monday monday monday

i can't not post cute things i'm sorry lol

thats weird i'm pretty sure i updated my blog when we got home with some more stuff in that last post and there's nothing there.
nothing saved in the drafts either. wtf
oh well

so we are back to the weekly grind.
which means i watch netflix and clean house and play pokemon and eat everything in sight. pretty much. lol
i'm re watching the latest season of greys anatomy to get caught up and settled for when they put the new stuff up. other wise i'm watching House over and over again because i can. and i love it.

i'm jouraling a lot and i keep my planner pretty...
Miss Lilly has been loving on me a lot

I think I got the crud so I am taking some dayquil...

been eating fruit loops all morning. and string cheese.
need to charge my vape pen.
i have a lavender  scented candle burning right now

it sucks not being able to wash clothes whenever i want to but this also puts us on a a schedule of sorts so that is okay in a way.

i love my tiny gifs for the holidays
... i posted about my blog on the facebook for the first time in a long time i wonder who will start reading?? lol
i'm boring but i'm here

Sunday, October 23, 2016

mini vacay blog post number 2

i drank most of a second bottle of wine and some other liquor and got ridiculously drunk, was so hung over the next day i couldn't do anything hardly. ruined the vacay pretty much.

but we went to the bay and i put my feet in the water and got some stones that were in the water and they are pretty.
we got fresh sea food from the gulf at a little restaurant there next to the bay.
stan babied me while i was hung over and i love him very much for taking care of me.

we came home a little early because i was worried about my cat.. i left her here alone for two nights and i dont usually do that.
we stopped and got sonic on the way home.. boneless wing and mozzarella cheese sticks.

i'm glad to be home.

Friday, October 21, 2016

mini vacay post number one

I'm at the hotel while Stan interviews a guy for his job. I'm watching CNN and drinking wine and journaling. Stan is going to order pizza and we might go to the pool. I went down there and put my feet in and it's not that cold even for mid October.
it's been nice to relax and get away from our normal surroundings.

I've made it through one bottle of wine and I don't feel anything so I'm guessing I'm building up a tolerance to alcohol. which sucks because I have to either drink more wine and get a tummy ache really fast... or try to talk Stan into getting harder liquor in small amounts. which is unlikely. so I will just have to suffer through severe indigestion all the time.

so excited about the pizza... getting a custom sauce on the pizza. and my favorite toppings. I love my man.

now im gonna journal and wait for Stan...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

its tuesday right? lol

so yeah... therapy yesterday.. was okay... we drank on sunday and i was ridiculously hung over so i was really sloppy and wanted to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible.

i changed my name at the mental health clinic.. my therapist tried to pull up my file and was like "whats...going on" and i was all like "oh yeah i just changed my name up front lol"

today stan took his car in to get the air bag fixed on his side and they had the stuff to do both sides (there was a recall on the air bags) so he went in and they drove him back here and we went to walmart for him to get medicine because he is sick and also he got chicken wings and a pizza for me.
now we have just eaten lunch early and are watching something on netflix
i really want a cigarette but i dont need to be driving right now

i changed my name somewhere.. though ... thats cool. Mrs. Tabitha Leigh Ingold
Mrs. Ingold.

but on sunday we played poker and drank... i drank wine and then tequila and i was so drunk and i felt like shit so bad.. really really bad.. i hate tequila.. i really really hate it. i never want to drink it again. i hadn't drank tequila in years and i never want to do it again.

i have therapy in november and it will be a joint session with my new therapist.. cause Tara is quitting doing therapy and i have to adjust to a new therapist... i am not looking forward to it at all.. i have change.. and i hate having to explain myself to new people.
Tara made me realize that if i see a new psychiatrist they might not offer therapy along with their psych stuff so i might not get anybody to talk to.. some psychiatrist dont let you talk a lot and i need to talk because i dont have any friends. so i might need to find a therapist on the side along with a psychiatrist when i get on stan's health care.

we are watching a show on netflix that has kelso and hyde from "that 70s show" in a role where they are brothers on a ranch and its really funny.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

got my name changed today

the social security office place is hell... like... really bad really really bad
my mom came and got me and we went and waited forever
after that mom and i went to Arby's and had lunch and then she dropped me off at home
I went to walmart after that and got candy corn for more candy corn peanut mix

I am excited about having my name changed. now we have to go to the driver license place and get a new license ... but we need to wait until we know where we will be living cause the address is going to change and i dont wanna get a new drivers license with the apartment address and then we move out of the apartment and its invalid

it looks like i might go with stan to fairhope next weekend when he goes for work we are going to make a weekend of it so i will finally get a weekend away in a hotel
i should start packing now!!! haha

i'm really addicted to candy corn and peanuts

i've started watching greys anatomy again and i'm catching up on all the episodes i've put off watching

we are planning on going to the Kentuck arts and crafts festival in town saturday morning and heading over to alex and sagens after that that to watch the alabama vs tennessee game in the afternoon.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

game day was fun and so is today

suck a ding dong and a ching chang chong
we know we aint kids no mores
(random song mish mash from a song thats popular.. i cant understand what the lyrics really are so i just make random noises instead)

i wore some of my jewelry for game day...
yesterday we went to Little Italy for pizza ... I had two slices of pizza one pepperoni and a one mushroom
then we went to the salvation army thrift store in northport and looked around... everything there is so much more expensive than tuscaloosa and they have a lot less... they did have some cat figurines but none of them were white.
then we went to dollar tree in northport for garlic powder and ended up buying candy corn and tampons and some washi tape (very excited about getting some new washi)
then we went to big lots and ended up getting some potato chips for really cheap (they're kettle cooked so they're awesome)
while we were there we both left our phones in the car and i was scared i lost mine in the store because sometimes when i have my phone in my hand i will randomly set it on a shelf while i'm looking at stuff and yeah... i'm bad about losing my phone lol

FINALLY it was time to go to Alex and Sagen's house. we were gonna go earlier but they messaged us and told us they werent ready for people to come over. so we had time to waste.

we got to their apartment before they were back from the store but they told us the back door was unlocked so we went in before they got there.
i didn't drink anything for most of the game. but eventually stan let me have two beers. My cookies went over well and everybody loved stan's scotch eggs. the country style ribs were devoured... one guy ate three in a row and then he had the meat sweats. it was so funny.
Katherine (one of our friends) locked her knees and passed out in the middle of a sentence and hit her head. it was really scary, i didn't see it happen but they said her head his the edge of the cement patio and it made a loud cracking noise.
I tried eating peanuts and candy corn mixed together and it was delicious... it tastes like a payday candy bar!

i didnt really eat anything but candy and my sea salt cracker pepper kettle corn chips that we bought and took to the thing. Stan went and bought me cigarettes so now i have my own cigarettes to smoke. (i wanna try to save them for social gatherings with the group because they all smoke and it feels weird to not be able to smoke)
The Alabama game was good as usual...  also... the Tennessee games was good too. Tennessee almost came back and did their winning thing but they failed this time. which made Alex sad.
we stayed until the end of the game and then a little bit longer.

Today i got up early... started laundry.. and went to dollar tree for poptarts (they have three kinds at dollar tree, sometimes four) and laundry detergent.

after stan got up we went to the chinese buffett and  i ate a lot... i even tried tiny octopus and frog legs!
then we went to walmart and got some groceries and stan bought me a nice shirt (a reward for eating weird food, lol)
Stan also got me razors, face powder, caffeine, prilosec. He takes good care of me. I love him.

I came home and tried to read and only got 20 pages into my newest book ... Revival by Stephen King.. and then i had to take a nap.
i slept for like two or three hours. slept like a rock.
i've been trying to get the laundry through the dryer but its taking multiple dryings for each load.
now we are watching Malcolm in the Middle from the beginning and its hilarious as hell.

I finally got past my road block in pokemon because gordon looked it up and told me what to do.. so now when i'm bored i can play my pokemon game.

gotta stay up an eat a take my meds and try to get the laundry done somehow... bahhh.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

weekly grind

stan has to work late tonight because of the vice presidential debate this evening.
so i'm sticking it out here all day.. gonna have frozen pizza for lunch and dinner probably... but these little frozen pizzas we have been getting are really good so that makes me happy.

i think i might watch the debate here myself just because its history in the making and i know stan is watching it too so its like we are watching it together, lol
i have no idea who the VP people are all i have heard is trump and clinton nobody really cares about the VP people i think.. cause the presidential candidates are so out there

i went shopping and bought peanut butter cookie mix and hershey kisses to make the cookies this weekend. and i got baby wipes (because i love them and use them for everything like taking off make up and cleaning shit) and q-tips and aluminum pans to take food to Alex and Sagen's house this weekend.

i've spent most of today talking to Sagen so that gives me something to do. thats cool.

i need to journal a lot to keep myself occupied.

Sagen said there might be around 7 people at her house this weekend... so i think i will buy something else dessert like that isnt peanut butter-ish to balance out what i'm taking. maybe just sugar cookies with icing from walmart.

its fun being all domesticated and shit.

7 people is a lot for me to handle so i hope stan gets his medicine refilled ... he will need it too probably.

i have had some really weird dreams lately but they are tolerable nothing that is giving me problems during the day

we might be meeting my mom and dad at red lobster for endless shrimp on thursday after stan gets back from leeds for his reporter thing

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Alabama homecoming feast

today we had our Alabama homecoming feast. food was good as usual. dad smoked some meat.
the game to watch to day wasn't the bama game though... the Tennessee vs Georgia game was so exciting even I was into it. it came down to the last second. was such a good game.

Lauren and David came last minute and Lauren cooked the chocolate chip cream cheese bake that I usually make and it was good but not as good as mine. but I will say it was good enough that I ate two servings lol

I drank a bottle of wine and most of a beer and that was enough. wine doesn't do much for me but that's okay. meds do the rest. lol

tomorrow we will wait for homecoming traffic to leave town and then go home. hopefully everything is fine at the apartment. like hopefully my car tag is still there and Shit. I swear if they steal the tag from the same car twice they have serious issues...

updating on my phone is a Bitch but I needed to do it.

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