Friday, June 26, 2015

Huge day for history and personally too!


Fuck yeah bitches. I wish I had grown up in a time when marriage equality was already established... I might have turned out much differently given my stance on love being blind to sex and race. Love is love.

I have two cousins, one on each side, that can now marry they're partners. They are both raising children. Now they can have complete houses with all the benefits. I am overjoyed and ecstatic.
I have so many friends who can live their lives normally now.

Anyways The other big news of the day is that Stan got promoted to assistant news director.

This is a huge deal. We had been focusing on this and wish craft ing it into manifesting with The Secret/Law of Attraction.
I had done Some spell work on this too.
Just another successful magic endeavor to add to the list of wins. =P

So anyways... Let's back track a bit....
On Thursday night I packed up and came to my parents house I brought Hercules with me.  I left Lilly at home because she doesn't like traveling anymore. stan isn't leaving until tomorrow morning so she'll only be alone one night.

Lilly likes stan so much, it makes me happy. she slept in the bed with him last night when I wasn't there. she's been a bit of a grouch because we haven't been feeding her as much. we are also trying to find alternatives to feeding her fancy feast every day...

so I'm up here with my parents and having a pretty good time. I really miss the big dogs so I get to spend time with them. and I get to see Aiden and pet him lots and lots.
I really like being in the woods too so much more peaceful

tonight my dad grilled chicken breast and made roasted corn. roasted corn is literally the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life.

when I got here I had two letters from Karen and one package from Jessy. the package was some lip balm I order from Jessie it's really good and I like it and I will be buying more.
I'm getting to know Karen more she has a lot in common with me and some weird ways that makes it awesome. lots of random little things that just make me feel a connection with her. it's nice to have a friend in the world...
Jessy and i have decided that we're going to be pen pals ... snail mail is awesome.
I have a few people that I'm writing letters to.
I really enjoy buying stationary and pens and stuff... it's one of my biggest obsessions school supplies-gotta have em.

my brother just got home from work and he's already throwing a bitch fit with my parents. he's such a fucking little asshole.

tomorrow I might go to yard sales with my mom in the morning I'm not sure though... it depends on how I feel and if I'm feeling clean need to take a shower...

.... I really miss stan. right before I left he took his shirt off and gave it to me because it smelled like him and he knew I'd like it. it helps me sleep of I'm away to have things that smell like him.

so tonight stan is over at Mac's house and they're drinking and playing Mario Kart. tomorrow they're leaving and going to Fairhope Alabama... Down at the beach. for a public radio  fundraiser or whatever. "put the pub back in public radio"
I really wish I could have went because I haven't got to go out with stan since I started feeling better and doing better with my anxiety. but it just didn't work out this time because it's complicated.. hotel room discount bullshit and whatnot.

I guess I'm gonna wrap this up and go into the living room and see if I can talk to my parents without Gordon yelling at me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Long time no post

Hello world I'm still alive.
Been through some rough patches lately with my health and mental health. But everything is working out now and I have felt a surge of energy and can focus a bit more.

I was going to go out of town for the weekend with Stan on a work trip but technical difficulties and what not... It's fine.
I will probably. Maybe. Go to my parents house. I dunno.

Today was stamp day and I bought a lot of fruit. Grapes are expensive!!! Omg
Burt it's going to be so delicious... I don't even care.

I need to cut this short and try to sleep.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Photo post: bragging rights #trophyhusband and random office photos

I love that the blogger app is finally stable for me.
Anyways here are my fiance's journalism awards and his pretty unique and interesting collection of books. #braggingrights

Also my very neglected altar.
And the office desk we are attempting to share.......... But I need a whole desk to myself for ask my projects tbh.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Random Saturday grill out photos

My scar is healing up good. I don't think anybody but Stan mom and jo know what it is from though #secrets

I took done decorative tape that mimics police caution tape and covered a banglebracelet. It if like my irl disclaimer for being batshit crazy lmao

Miss Lilly likes hiding in the sheets and blankets when we visit at my parents house she so cute.

It stared raining just now and ruined out grill out so no roasted corn. Booooo

I Am sweating like like a whore in church.
I think I'm going through early menopause I swear

Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm away my parents house yay

So....another weekend of grilling away my parents house. Yay. the original plan was for me to come up tonight and bring Lilly with me... but I couldn't get her pretty little ass in the pet carrier. Lmao.
tonight stan going to the pub to play trivia with his friends and then going over to MAC's house and play Mario Kart... drunk Mario Kart that is.
I figure stan would be able to focus on having more fun if he didn't think I was at home alone being sad... Plus it'd be nice to have some time with my parents alone.

So I'm up here and we are having dinner and relaxing. Dad showed me Stan's finished birthday present... He built Stan a rocking chair. And its awesome.

Tomorrow Stan is coming up and we are grilling out again.  Stan has a new recipe for some delicious meats... And I bought 10 ears of corn to roast on the grill tomorrow because roasted corn is quite possibly the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. So juicy and sweet and... Just... Amazing. You don't even need butter or anything. Its perfect.

Tomorrow Stan is bringing hercules up here so he can have some fun riding in the car and roaming around out side... He loves all the smells out here. Hopefully he will be able to hey miss Lilly in the pet carrier so she can come up here because I don't wanna go two nights away from my baby girl.

I Got done new ideas for products to develop and sell at thenext festival. And its not jewelry. So that is good. I want to branch out a bit and I have a few ideas. Need to draft out some stuff to get something solid on paper planned before I just jump into making stuff and waste supplies on prototypes that are un usable.

Anyways need to go eat now and do some journaling.

Sadly I left my #listersgottalist book at home so Booooo... Can't do that... Or I could and just Tape the pages into the book when I get home. Hmmm....

Anyways gotta get going

Yay for updating on the go with my phone and blogger app

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

pics from My first concert-- and some other stuff

here are some photos from the concert sunday.... my first concert.. Steve Miller Band. SO AWESOME OMG OMG OMG

i danced by myself i didnt give a fuck

i havent updated much but this concert was the biggestt hing in a while... then i go depressed for a day or so because... god damn.. how does life TOP A CONCERT LIKE THAT

everything else is a let down after that hahahaha

but i think im ok now

have some plans for this weekend
maybe grilling out at my parents and staying over there a night.
also probably going to see Jurassic World on sunday... if we get back into town in time

i have a new penpal on IG and she is going to write me back soon.. i sent her a friggin book as a first letter lol

i write a note to my nana in a pretty card and send it to her, and i mail Jennifer her beach shell peace sign anklet.

i think i will make the earrings my moms customers wants tonight because i need to do something productive

i've started the june listers gotta list and i keep forgetting that Cori has a youtube where she walks people through her planners and omg why do i forget that when im bored it would be so much better than sleeping 

uh anyways

here are photos

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photo dump post. KY trip pics included

herc with bedhead in the car on the day we left
the day we left was also 50 cent corndog day at sonic drive in so he got those ... and got me the biggest order of mozerella cheese sticks they had lololol
herc got thirsty... thats his summer harness --its a lot cooler than the vest. thats my ugly foot with my monkey toes (apparently i have long monkey toes?? i didnt even know) we have a rug on the floorboard of the car for situations like this when he needs water.... or heaven forbid absolutely has to pee or poop or gets sick... but he never does because he is a the little travel dog ever <3 p="">
it was stormy the ENTIRE RIDE UP. the storm system reached from the greatlakes down to the gulf... massive train of storms in a line just sweeping through... we kept getting caught in in it and then getting caught in what built up AFTER it came through... the atmosphere was very volatile 
some of you may know, i have been participating in this "listers gotta list" challenge thats going on in the planner nerdy ocd girl community right now... i finished may and started june already... its like having a writing class online with writing prompts... except we do lists and make plain pieces of paper pretty. i dont go all out like the other girls, i havent built up  a stock of stationery and whatnots yet so i am conserving my stickers and stickynotes and pens and such... i just like doing to the lists and seeing everybody elses. i think i will keep doing this until no one does it anymore... but theres a LOOOOOOT of people doing it so i might fill up a few composition notebooks of lists... haha
anyways this was my "dream life list" but i have realized lately i am ALREADY LIVING MY DREAM. booyah
this is cave run lake? i think? in KY.. man made lake (I think) i have trouble remembering details of things... yay bipolar. anyways... i cimbed on the rocks and brought some home with me... we could  have went swimming if we wanted to but i have a weird germ thing and yeah

the bottom of this image is a white towel that reflected too much light in this exposure but... this bag THIS BAG.... its PERFECT... its the perfect purse for me when im travelling and want to take my notesbooks and planner with me... omg.. so perfect... and it was $3 at the GOODWILL in KY somehwere i think it might have been morehead i dunno. the purse is in MINT condition and very sturdy and i just thank the gods that i i found it because i was about back to carrying a small purse and a tote bag of books and i dont wanna do that again much extra....
Stan's mom gave me this little canvas backpack with owls on it... i had been talking about wanting one but they were all multicolored and kid looking i wanted a more adult look owl and then she had this and she gave it to me without me even suggesting or asking she is the sweetest most caring person i have ever met... i love my future mother in law!!!!
heres another day from the #listersgottslist challenge... i dont really have celebtrity crushes... and pete  is the closest thing i have i guess
this iist was do-able for meeee... fave authors
this is the fruit sherbert and rice pudding i got for dessert at the asian food buffet (not just chinese... all asian stuff)
and this is a photo of my DOLLARTREE HAUL i spent so much money at dollar tree and i dont even need... i dont know.. i hadnt let myself spend any money in so long it felt really weird and i felt guilty the minute i had paid like i had done a bad thing
we threw everything in the car and came home saturday afternoon

the end

this is fun i will do this more wooooo

my scheduled blog post

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