Tuesday, October 1, 2019

i have scheduled myself to blog every four days lol

i have downloaded an activity tracker to help me be more productive
i have tasks that i've set to do on days and it keeps track and such
i also have a mood app to record my moods.
and i am logging all my food again, so i'm definite not eating as much lol hopefully i'm gonna lose weight because lets be real here, i am obese and this is not ok.

i did a lot of house work sunday
yesterday not so much
i'm going to try and do a bit today

we (as in mom and me) were supposed to be baby sitting almost every night this week but something happened and we aren't and i am  sad because i was looking foreward to being around a little baby. i really like babies and kids and i just... its starting to sink in hard that i am going to be missing out on this part of life.... and i just feel empty. i need a little puppy or something. i dont know i just need to have a need to be alive. i need to have that... i have to be alive to take care of my kid thing... but i can't have kids... so i need doggies. please give me doggies. we can't have them here. i mean we do have them but they arent ours.  i want one that is mine since puppy, i want that bond. i want to be a mom. i need it.
but we can't do that here.
lilly is my baby but she is 7 years old, and a cat. she is very independent and self reliant.. cats need less attention and care, they generally want less interaction with humans than dogs. i love cats but when it comes to me having a baby, i need a dog.
uh anyway that came out of nowhere, jesus. lol

i finally finished my journal i have been writing in since january.. i guess i have just been so bored or empty and uninspired i havent been writing in it. i did get really down before the iron infusions so maybe that was why. either way this last journal... it took me the longest time to fill it up. like the longest time ever. i usually wrong every day but i had nothing to write this year.  i dont know.
and even when there was a ton going on-- all the doctors and stuff-- i did't write a lot.
i dont know why. maybe i'm just phasing out of journaling which is sad because its so good for the soul and you can look back when you're old and realize how stupid you were lol

anyways most of my life is actually boring and involves gaming and tv shows.
but i thought id post

my cousins wedding is this month and we can't go because its in new orleans and its so expensive to get hotels down there plus the stuff we wanna do (the aquarium etc) because we were gonna use that as our anniversary vacation, and stan has never been to new orleans.
but i guess it will have to wait for another few years

so anyway.. uh... well my parents are doing a festival this weekend to sell my dad's stuff he makes and thats pretty cool but also very very stressful on everyone so yeah.

but i have to say i am in a pretty good place right now, and stan is amazing and i love him.
i love life and i am grateful for everything we have. I look foreward to the years to come.

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