Tuesday, July 16, 2019

hello darlin nice to see ya, its been a long tiiiiiiime

So I had my first iron infusion last friday and the chemo/infusion station roomof the cancer center is REALLY CREEPY. like creepy spa day. they give you almost anything you want while you get your treatment. i didn't take advantage of most of anything because i wasn't there but an hour and a half or so. the chemo patients are there all day sometimes so i thought i'd just not.
MY blood pressure was ALMOST in the low range when I left (like one or two points from low on both) and they kept me longer than they planned because i seemed a little off, but i think i was just tired from not sleeping much.
I figured I'd have high blood pressure, but I haven't every time they check. pretty cool i guess

this past weekend I was in pain most of the weekend and we are trying to get the doctor to make a decision on what he's gonna do but it seems he is just.... ugh

I dont have much else to say

I go back to cancer center friday for more iron.

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