Thursday, May 30, 2019

therapy and future plans?

I got up at 4:30am and got dressed and we went to birmingham for my therapist appointment.
i couldnt sleep much last night so i was kind of wonky but idk. i was anxious about the appointment because i had a lot to tell her and ahhhh
but it was good.
I played Animal Crossing in the car on the way to and back so I didn't fall asleep in the car. I wanna try and keep a normal sleep schedule so staying awake was good. also it gave me something to do other than annoy my husband while he's driving. (interstate driving is worst and the stretch of interstate we have to travel for this is ridiculously bad with construction and lane changes and just no good)
so its good that i wasn't bothering him while he was driving-- it seemed like traffic was particularly bad today.

there's an award banquet coming up(this weekend?) that i am not going to because i've been sick lately and seeing the doctor more. and there just hasn't been time.. to need a dress and i dont know if i can eat the food so. yeah

but this weekend I might see my cousin April and spend time with her instead so that is a very good trade off haha!

 and then i have an appointment with an upper GI doctor on June 6th to see what is up with my esophagus and gallbladder??
after that the Dark Phoenix movie comes out and I really wanna see that because I love her in the comics and its also the woman who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones so i just...  i wanna seeeeee lol.

then i finally see my therapist again on june 19th. i need to call the nurse practitioner before that and let them know i will run out of meds and they need to call it in? it seems like a very complicated weird situation between him and the actual psychiatrist and the therapist like i cant... i cant make it work in my mind so i need to get my husband to help me.

he has been my everything through this i have been a little pile of poop and he has taken care of me and i dont deserve it at all... and i am so grateful. i love him so much. i can't explain it. he is my everything.

anyways. uh

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