Thursday, April 4, 2019

thurs april 4th

so my medicine seems to be helping me. i went outside and layed in the sun for over an hour-- and have a sunburn to prove it. lol
it felt good to be outside. i would (might) do it again today but a sunburn on top of a sunburn might not be a good feeling lol. i know i should use suncreen but then i will ever tan. i always burn and then tan (if i can keep moisturized and not peel)

my birthday is saturday and its just another day for me, i'm not really wanting to do anything for it.

i am so close to retiring my main stardew valley farm. i am on year 11 now and i have 20,000,000 something in gold and i just wanna roll that 2 over from 9 to 100,000,000 -- which will not display on the game because there isn't enough digit slots. i will essentially "break the bank"
and then i will retire this farm and do a new one. maybe a different kind of farm. a river or forest farm.

i have master the whole fast track to money thing so if i can get that done i can play around with designs on these new farms... they are set up different with space and water areas.


Also the Avengers: Endgame
so this is exciting things

also in May the crawfish boil.... which will need the house and yard to be cleaned-- and maybe, just maybe, i will have the energy and nondepression feels to help them out and that will make me feel good about myself.

also it is Marya Hornbacher's Birthday-- she wrote "wasted" and "madness" and a few other wonderful books about mental illness and I am her friend on facebook so I sent her a message. I forgot her birthday and mine were two days apart. haha. that is so cool.

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