Friday, March 1, 2019

troubled waters

we are changing my medicines and requesting a re-evaluation of my mental illnesses
because after some personal assessment my symptoms  could be one thing or another or both things. one of these things require a special kind of therapy and possible hospital stays for stability reasons to we want to make sure everything is actually what the people at the shit free clinic said it is. because who the hell knows.

i am trying to pull through this depression is it has been a long one and i have been laying in bed in misery for a long time
I have therapy on monday

stan is a saint is trying so hard to keep me sane and ok and safe and happy and i love him and i can't find a way to tell him because my mood swings are so bad that by the time i realize these things something else has set me off.

this is part of the stuff that we aren't sure about... and might be a sign my diagnosis is wrong.

all in all.... i dont know.... stay tuned-- i know only one person checks this blog but i still try to update it when i can.

all i have going on is therapy and videogames and trying to keep my shit together until medicine works or something else happens.

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