Friday, March 15, 2019

same shit different day

so my new anti depressant medicine is at a low dose and i am trying to hold on.... i see the psychiatrist next tuesday and the therapist also.

we are thinking that maybe i could drive myself to the appointments that are just the therapist and not the psychologist. because idk lol it just made sense at the time

I have been playing stardew valley alllll the time. also legend of zelda Breath of the Wild

..... i have to say that i am so thankfull and grateful for my husband. he has done everything he can to help me and i am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

also.... unfortunately.  my brother's wife's step dad (who has been a big part of her life) has died... on sunday.
and i have been selfish and horrible and i havent went to see them.
i just thought that my depression would be... adding to it?
but i am going to visit them tomorrow.
i should have done it sooner and i feel horrible about it.

there are plans for us to go to the mobile, al area in april (we'd leave on my birthday) so that is fun.
and there's a concert my husband w ants to go to.
so there's stuff going on and... i'm trying really really hard to pull myself out of this depression hole so i can enjoy the real world and do stuff.


i wish i had better news.

the new medicine might work... the dose is really low right now. so there is hope. just increasing it. and then waiting the 2-3 weeks . I am trying to think positive.

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