Monday, March 25, 2019

hopefully things will get better now

my doctor has increased my lexaro and we are yet again waiting.
i seem better but my anxiety is bad and my self esteem is so bad i dont know what to even do with myself.

i went with Stan to a job last week end and i got to see one of my old friends and it made me really happy.
but also sad because i know i can see her all the time.

i guess this week is just another week unless stan makes me go to this concert on the 30th and i really should it would be good for me-- but it feel so bad doing it because i am miserable.

Miss Lilly lost her collar and that made me sad but she has been really nice and loving since then so maybe she was only because mean because he hated that collar so much lol

i think i need to get a mammogram
and bloodwork

i dunno

i am playing video games because i am lame

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