Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hello from Kentucky

The funeral was yesterday and I feel like an ass because I was severely sick and couldn't stay in the service or go to the graveside.
I don't know if I got a stomach virus or the flu or food poison ( for the second time in the past few months). I ate Chinese food on Friday for lunch for The first time in a long time and I woke up Saturday and puked it up. My body didn't even try to digest it.

My husband and his family has been extremely kind and not mad at me for getting sick at the funeral. I have tried to be nice and comfort Stan's mother and grandma.
We were supposed to go home today but I was feeling really really bad when we woke up this morning. I slept until 2 pm. Cold and hot. Nightmares. Just really.... Not good. But it was better than yesterday... Because yesterday I honestly didn't know if I was gonna make it. Like if we were at home I might have asked to go to the doctor. It was that bad. I just tried not to let anybody know it was that bad. I mean I know everybody could tell I was sick but I was even worse than I was acting.
I'm so dehydrated today that I have only used the bathroom one time. My lips are chapped rally bad and my mouth is constantly dry. And I've drank a lot of Gatorade and water to try and rehydrate. But it's still not enough to help. And I'm afraid to drink anymore because I'm afraid if I get full I will vomit. I did eat today but I kind of regret it. I'm feeling sicker than I did earlier today but I also know that I had to eat something or I'd end up even more weak.
Gatorade is a life saver though.

My mother in law got me a coloring book and a book of colorable post cards I can send to people. So that was really nice. I will get to color when I get home.

It's almost 7pm ( Eastern) and I am about to start the "let's go to bed" routine. Not sure if I will but I'm gonna try.

I am updating from my phone. And just thought id mention it because I dunno how bad my typing is.

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